Traveler With the Quran: Practical memorization


In this episode, Sheikh Fahad travels to Egypt and meets with Ahmed Musalam, the brother with special needs. Sheikh Fahad asks him difficult questions such as to read the beginning of the last page of surah Al Hajj, and then read the ayah that comes ten pages after that, and he randomly picks a certain number of a certain surah and asks Ahmed to read it. He also asks Ahmed to recite in different qiraat.

Points of Benefit:

  • Way to memorize :-
  • Read the first ayah while looking, and then try to recite it without looking at the page, and do this until it is memorized
  • Do the same with the second ayah, third ayah. Then link them together
  • Recite your daily portion/assignment throughout the day until you have it memorized perfectly
  • segment the surah you are memorizing based on the topics for in a surah there may be several topics or rulings
  • For example, in surah Naaziaat, segment it into the beginning section, and then the story of Musa and then segment about the two different kinds of people
  • This way, it will boost your understanding of what you are memorizing and that in itself is a beautiful thing
  • It will also make it easier to remember, as you know the segments based on topic etc

From Fajr: The Hafidh’s Journey


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