|-| Fajr |-|

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

Something interesting one of our teachers mentioned in his tafsir class.

“By the night as it closes in,

And by the dawn as it brightens…”

[al-Takwir: 17-18]

Allah `azza wa jall swears by the transition of the night and the day. But it’s very interesting how He describes this transition and the verbs used…

The night is described as being عَسْعَس [`as`asa], meaning that it comes in very slowly. `As`asa is how you would describe someone walking with caution e.g. when you attempt to walk in a very dark room – you do it slowly, carefully and step by step.

The day/dawn is described as being تَنَفَّس [tanaffasa]; one of the meanings for this is also a gradual approach (the other meaning is ‘to breathe’). Dawn also rises in a very slow, gradual way and it brightens the sky bit by bit.

At this point, the…

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