Traveler With the Quran: Dua


In this episode, Sheikh Fahad travels to Turkey and pays a visit to the Big Green Masjid. Here  he meets the Imam of the Masjid, Imam Esrafel who started memorizing by attending the masjid at 11 years old and spent 2 years, away from his parents. Out of 750 students, he was chosen to be the new imam of that masjid, at the age of 24. Sheikh Fahad also visits Egypt, particularly to the Abrar Misr Organization, a center for special needs and interviews  a special needs 33 year-old brother, Muhammad Hamdi Amin Abdul Zahir Aldiblawi, who memorized the Quran since age 10.

Points of Benefit:

  • One may say, “How can I memorize Quran? It has many pages. it’s hard!” or when one sees another a young child having done it, one may say, “How can I make my child memorize Quran? It’s too much!”
  • For those who say it’s difficult, do we in sujud, do we ask Allah to help us memorize the Quran?
  • Let’s be frank, when we raise our hand in dua, we ask for many things, we ask for Jannah, to be saved from the hellfire, to bless our children, money, most of us ask for these things, but do we ever add, ‘Oh Allah, the most merciful who makes things easy, faciliate for me to memorize this book, make me learn this by heart, so they would  take me to the highest  level of Jannah’?
  • Memorizing Quran is not an ordinary thing, it’s a great task, Allah and His messenger consider it great and people generally respect you if you are a ‘hafidh’
  • So we need to turn to Allah to make this matter facilitated for us.
  • It is not Sheikh Fahad, or your sheikhd or your parents or whoever helps you who make things easy for you, but it’s only Allah who makes it easy for you, so when you seek help, seek help from Him
  • If you depend on Allah, He will help you
  • When you make umrah, during tawaf, make dua for this, or at hajj. Choose the times when dua is known to be accepted to make dua for this
  • In fact, look for these times, e.g. between azhan and iqaamah, while traveling, during rain, during sujud, on Fridays, during last 10 nights of Ramadan, etc
  • So let’s make dua, it’s one of the basics in memorizing Quran
  • Imam Esrafel of the Big Green Masjid in Turkey traveled 1000 km to memorize the Quran. For some of us, if we’re told there is a halaqa behind our house just a few doors away, we say ‘Oh, it’s too far’.
  • So, now that you have set your goal of memorizing the Quran, it’s important to choose the people around you, those who share your dream with you
  • They don’t have to necessarily memorize the Quran, for some may not be ready to memorize. They may be your co worker, parents, friends, siblings
  • Tell them, “I want to memorize the Quran. Help me. If you see me being lazy or less enthusiastic, help me get back on track again.”
  • Sheikh Fahad shares his experience while memorizing. When he came home, his mother would call him and open the mushaf and have him recite. She didn’t do this to revise with him, but rather, to encourage him
  • His father also would call him randomly and have Sheikh Fahad recite the Quran to him
  • His sheikh, even while traveling, would call him and say “Oh Fahad, I want to go over your lesson with you.”
  • This is because these people share the dream of memorizing the Quran with him
  • It’s important to them that he memorizes the Quran
  • So make your parents, siblings, friends partners in reaching your goal in memorizing the Quran
  • All the examples shown through the people interviewed in these episodes are not for showcasing, but rather for us all to take benefit from, as encouragement inshaaAllah.

From How to Memorize the Quraan : Supplications for Memorizing the Quraan

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