Traveler with the Quran: Choose Your Company


In this episode, Sheikh Fahad visits Morocco, and meets a Ahmad Al Khalidi, a man who at 7, joined the Alawiyah school for the blind and struggled to memorize the Quran via the encouragement of good company. He spent 5 years learning Braille and then asked his father to enroll him in Quran memorization school. He also wrote the whole Quran in Braille. Sheikh Fahad also visits Turkey and meets with Muhammad Ali Albani, an Albanian whose native language is not Arabic,  who  at 17, traveled 7000 km from Albania all the way to Pakistan, going through much  physical and financial hardship, only to reach Pakistan and realize it was not as he had expected it to be. Since his main reason for going to Pakistan was to memorize Quran, he ploughed through remarks of “You’re too old!”, recurring sickness. He shared what kept him on this; the fact that the dictator of Albania didn’t stop struggling to wipe off this deen from the land, so he shouldn’t stop struggling to bring the Quran back to his people either. His story is an amazing one, one of many struggles exemplary determination that ends in him attaining what he sought and probably more, mashaaAllah.

Points of Benefit:

  • When memorizing Quran, stay away from negative people
  • A negative person will only deter you from this journey
  • For example, if you say to him you wish to memorize Quran, he might say, “You’re too old! Don’t fool yourself!”
  • Or if you say you have young children ages 6, 7, 8 and you want them to memorize Quran, he might say, “Oh, don’t be hard on them, they’re still young! Don’t take away their childhood!”
  • So Instead, choose good company who will support you and give you good advice, who will keep on encouraging you in your memorization
  • For those who don’t wish to memorize Quran, or whom Allah has not helped him to, don’t discourage others to do so if they wish to
  • Instead, say Kalimat Tayyibah (good words), and encourage them to do so, so that maybe you will get a share of the reward of them doing so even if you aren’t memorizing Quran
  • When we see or hear of stories of others memorizing Quran, we feel motivated and encouraged to do the same, or pick up what was abandoned of our old memorization
  • When you start memorizing and has finished 1 or 2 juz, daydream about the day when you will complete it, and think positive thoughts regarding it; that Allah has chosen you to start this task, and by His will, you WILL finish it!
  • There are many ahadeeth laying out the virtues of memorizing Quran, use these for your motivation

From How to Memorize Quran: An Interview with Sister Julie

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