Traveler With the Quran: Why Memorize?


In this episode, Sheikh Fahad travels to Mauritania, known in the past the Land of the Chinquett, who in the past has always been known for their tight connection to Islam and for the large amount of scholars produced from it. He visits the Mahdarah of Ridwan where he interviews a 10 year old boy,  Al 3Allaama, who started memorizing at age 6/7 and finished at age 8. He has won several competitions in Mauritania.

Points of Benefit:

  • Why does one want to memorize? Make a set of well defined intentions
  • Examples:
  • One may intend to memorize because he wants to be close to the Quran, so he may have it with him wherever he is, at the masjid, in school, at work etc
  • Or one may intend to be of the people of the Quran, for there is a hadith that says that the people of Quran are those who are closest to Allah
  • One may intend to teach others the Quran, for there is a hadith that says The best of you are those who learn and teach the Quran
  • One may intend to memorize Quran so he can honor his parents with the crown of light on the Day of Judgment
  • the significance and emphasis on defining one’s intentions is because during your journey of memorizing, you may feel lazy or become bored with the memorization routine
  • The Quran is a cure and mercy from Allah, and one can do ruqyah from  it
  • Ruqyah is from the sunnah of the prophet saw, and so imagine if one has all of this Quran in his heart, memorized!
  • What a cure and healing it would be! So what’s stopping you?

From Companion of Quran :- The Quran is A Cure


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