Traveler With the Quran: Don’t Despair


In this episode, Sheikh Fahad travels to Chechnya to visit the Quranic Education Center, Centre of Sheikh Zaid, at which he interviews a boy who memorized Quran in 8-9 months, doing initialy 2-4 pages a day and then 8 pages a day, and reviews 4 ajzaa a day. He also visits the Old Jazurni Centre, built in 1907 and reconditioned in the past few years. This center serves special needs people who want to learn about Islam. There are about 100 students (at the time of filming this episode), 25 of them regular students and the rest are special needs students. He meets a Russian man who is learning to memorize the Quran by learning to read it in Braille first. He left his university studies in Moscow and came to the center to learn Quran and says he has found Jannah in this world through learning the Quran.

Points of Benefit:

  • Don’t despair once you start memorizing Quran
  • there are people who have memorized 1 or 2 or even 5 juz who let small issues stop them and they say “I can’t do this anymore!” This is from Shaytaan
  • Sheikh Fahad says that he has met many people with disabilities and special needs who go through so much hardship that normal people won’t go through, because they know the magnificence of this Quran
  • If you resist your desires, Allah will facilitate it for you because you did it for His sake
  • Seeing examples of the special needs people who struggle to learn to read the Quran in Braille and memorize it, it should make us realize how much we are falling in short of fulfilling our obligation towards this Quran
  • Some may read it only in Ramadan, some may not read it at all
  • Some of us don’t even want to memorize the Quran even though we have the abilities (especially after seeing people with disabilities doing it and completing it)
  • This should be the push for us to start memorizing Quran
  • We should start with  our children
  • we should start ourselves with reading it, understanding it, perfecting its recitation and memorizing it
  • Beware! This Quran can be an argument or proof against us, for Allah has given us faculties through which we can read, understand, read and recite it, so come closer to this Quran

From Ashaabul Quran :- Common Excuses to not Memorize the Quran


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