Traveler With the Quran : Sincerity


A fellow homeschooler and dear friend sent this email in which she says that she watches these video series with her 6 year old son and that they are great motivators for being istiqaamah (consistent) on his hifdh journey. I started watching these, and it is indeed true; these are great motivators indeed! So much so that I decided to dedicate posts on them by writing down the tips and reflections mentioned in the series alongside the video, as some people may not have the time to watch, so at least they could benefit from it in written form inshaaAllah. I have shared these videos with people I know, but I doubt they are watching them. However, I personally feel that these videos are such motivators especially with regards to the Book of Allah, that I am moved to do this. So Bismillah…

In this episode, Sheikh Fahd visits Egypt where he meets with Ahmed, who is mentally challenged, and subhanallah, you can see how Allah chooses people to showcase His Izzah (might), Qudrah(Strength), and Rahmah(mercy). Brother Ahmed is able to pinpoint the ayah number, the page number, whether it’s makki or madani, and even the hizb. Sheikh Fahd also visits another haafidh, Sharif Sayed Mustafa, a 12 year old prodigy, who after memorizing 4 ajzaa in a period of about 4 years, finished memorizing the rest of the Quran in a surprising period of 3 months, at age 7+. After completing his hifdh in Quran, he went on to study tajweed and the minor and major Qiraat, and also memorized Bukhari, Muslim and other Hadeeth books, mashaaAllah.

Points of Benefit:

  • It is through this Quran that the message of Iman, Islam is spread by Rasulullah saw
  • This Quran is that which gives life, and without it there is no life in our hearts
  • Those who  have decided to memorize this Book of Allah, Allah has favored and chosen them
  • Those who memorize this Quran, will be elevated to the highest level of Jannah with the Quran they memorize and recite
  • Those who choose to memorize the Quran, know that Allah will facilitate its memorization
  • Of course, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any hardships. There will be hardships, but it’s worth it. Imagine how worthwhile is the good that comes after these hardships
  • Think of a doctor who spends years in medical school, going through hardships, but by his hard word and Allah’s will, he pushes through and becomes a doctor. All that hard work pays off inshaaAllah
  • Similar with the Quran, it’s a life investment, so for those who are still wavering, make the intention with utter sincerity and begin this journey
  • Before you start on this journey though, there are some basic and essential rules to follow
  • The first and foremost is Ikhlaas; sincerity
  • Sincerity is not just in Hifdh though, it’s in everything we do
  • So, purify yourself from all the contaminations of dunya and make your effort and intention sincere for Allah only
  • So, if you embark on this journey for only Allah’s sake, He will facilitate it for you and remove any obstacles that come your way
  • He will elevate you among the people, provide for you, pushes harm away from you
  • Ohh Huffadh, while reciting this Quran, reflect upon the status of your Creator
  • A hadeeth states that the people of Quran are the people closest to Allah: “The people of the Qur’an are the people of Allah and His special servants,” (An-Nisa’i)
  • Your spouse, children, if people ask you who they are, you will say they are the closest people to you
  • it’s natural for one to want to protect, defend and love the closest people to oneself
  • Imagine if you are the closest to Allah, how Allah will provide for you, protect, love, defend you, elevate your level in Jannah, elevate your ranks in this life and in the hereafter!

In addition, an article :- 10 Tips to Becoming One of Allah’s Special People


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