Taleem Quran English 2012 Cake

I haven’t decorated cakes for eons now, and since I had that long break, from Al Huda, I thought I’d indulge and make a cake for S. She’s starting Taleem Quran English 2012 and since we don’t celebrate birthdays, I always try to ‘celebrate’ occasions such as these. In the past, I’ve celebrated achievements and baked and decorated cakes for them. My cakes have always either been for nice surprises or occasions of achievements.

S and I tried making flowers from royal icing the day  before. Oh boy, was I rusty. She fared better than I did. We only used a few of the flowers we made though.

My excitement about making this cake was the Arabic calligraphy. I had tried my hands at Khat before, but I gave up. When we were talking about making this cake, I know I wanted to put Taleem Quran on it, so I doodled it in Arabic on paper. Subhanallah, apparently, somehow, I’d probably seen enough Khat to figure out some way of making my own. I was in love with my own discovery!

But, on paper it was easy. With icing, I was nervous. So I practiced it. I used the slanted tip to give it that calligraphic look. I love the Taleem part! I love it!

My biggest challenge with doing this was that the cake was a circle. This khat (at least the way I had doodled it) looked better on a rectangular frame. I had to make it fit a round frame.

I don’t think it looked like how I wanted it to look. I wasn’t too happy with the smoothness of the white frosting on the cake top, but I couldn’t do much about it, nor did I want to, because it was close to lunch time and everyone was hungry. So here was what was produced.

I had wanted to put a Canadian flag in the noon, but putting that red rose made my life much easier, so I followed the sunnah and picked the easier option.

It was a red velvet cake upon S’ request. But we didn’t use the full red coloring so that’s why it’s not as red as it should be. The one in the background was a cake I made for Z; his own allergen-free version of Red Velvet Cake. I decided to celebrate his Quranic Arabic reading too, which has been a struggle for both of us. I didn’t want to use the red coloring on his at all, so it actually looked like a chocolate cake.

So this was my cake-decor indulgence for this year. Don’t know when I’m going to do this again. Maybe not till the next -cake-decor- frenzy strikes. Not for a long time. Alhamdulillah. Indulgences like these should occur only occasionally. Life has a greater purpose, but Allah out of His mercy, still allows us to enjoy it in reasonable amounts. Alhamdulillah.


6 thoughts on “Taleem Quran English 2012 Cake

  1. Mashallah. Nice job on the khat Juli :). Like the little flower on the side too. Can you share the recipe you used to make the allergen free cake for Z?

    • ivy, tulah..im interested now to try my hand at Khat with someone who can teach me 😛 recipe,, will do inshaAllah…might take a while though since it requires typing from hardcopy:P in the meantime, i got it from Cybele Pascal’s Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook..i LOVE her recipes! maybe you can find that book in the bookstore and copy the recipe while waiting for me 😛

  2. Wow this looks lovely Juli!! How do you find time? You home school your children and you write and do transcripts of lectures…. MashaAllah!!!! May Allah give u more quwwah and reward u!

    • 😛 subhanallah Mehmudah…i keep thinking I dno’t have time….and your question struck me bec I do feel like I don’t have enough time 😛 but subhanallah…alhamdulillah somehow Allah does give that time…subhanallah…this was done during my alhuda break though after eid , so that’s why. I no longer write though 🙂 on hiatus…again! 😛 homeschooling now is taking a rapid move bec 3 older kids are going into high school and youngest is in kindy and then 1st grade iA, and my alhuda course is almost finishing up and I also am taking another course and started doing other stuff so writing hs really taken a back seat 🙂 once in a while I do indulge though..like these food posts :PPP ameen to the dua!!

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