Allah Will Take Care of You

Recently, a dear friend had to be induced because she had preeclampsia, and so she delivered her first child at 33 weeks. She was induced Thursday night, and the baby was delivered, normal birth, alhamdulillah, on Sunday morning. I had called her husband up on Saturday, thinking that they would have had the baby by then, but when he said that they still hadn’t had the baby yet, I was silently shocked. Being in labor is … not a play in the park, much less if it’s induced. I kept thinking about her since she went to the hospital, and since it’s her first baby, I prayed that everything would go well. I also wished I was closer to her, but the One who could truly help her was alhamdulilah closer to her than I will ever be even if I’m sitting right next to her.

After fajr on Sunday, I was thinking about her, and the baby. And I thought,

Now that the baby is out of the tummy, I hope he will thrive okay considering he was born at 33 weeks.

As I started making du’a, the word Rabb came about from my mind to my lips, and then it hit me,

Who do you think took care of the baby in the womb AND outside the womb, premature or not?? Who do you think is taking care of you right now? Who do you think is keeping your heart beating, your organs functioning smoothly? Who do you think watched and took care of you when you were a baby? Who do you think nurtured you as you were growing up? Who do you think decreed things for you the way they turned out? Who do you think looked out for you from the moment you were born to this day ? Who do you think gave you the faculties so you could even think this?

And a river gushed out. Rabb, yaa Rabb, how ungrateful we are!

Allah took care of that baby while he was in my friend’s womb. He is taking care of that baby now that he’s out of the womb. And He will take care of that baby. Why is it that in this world so indoctrinated by the new religion; science, we tend to overlook the actual power at work? It’s not that we don’t know who’s doing the real work. We know. Even if we deny it, we know. But we forget. We are blinded by the visible and tangible. We do not look beyond to the intangible and invisible, the unseen, because this new religion has taught us that everything is evidence-based.

It has even gone to the extent of saying that faith is for the uneducated, the backward people, those who are not intelligent enough to ditch the unseen and only rely on what is studiable. The whole universe, functioning in such perfect harmony, how can that be coincidental? How can it be so perfect if no one is managing it? That, in and of itself, defies logic.

Science is at best an educated guess, derived at via organized research and meticulous attention to details. It can be wrong. But, our human sight covets tangible proof so much so that it actually develops shortsightedness. We no longer have the skill of looking beyond the tangible. We take science to be our new religion. Human beings are created to worship something. If it’s not God, it will be something else. Something will fill that void. Like it or not.

Allah is taking care of that baby now. He is also nurturing another baby in another part of the world. He is also nurturing some new seedlings that have been planted a few days ago somewhere in Brazil. He is also nurturing a freshly sown seed so that it breaks out of its seed coat. He is also nurturing a calf that had just been born. Allah is the Rabb: the Creator, the Owner, and the Nourisher.

He creates, He owns like no one can, and He nourishes and nurtures.

Allah will take care of that baby. Allah is taking care of everyone. Allah will take care of you. Don’t you ever forget that.




2 thoughts on “Allah Will Take Care of You

  1. Beautiful Article. I am about 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and not being able to eat much these past few days, I also have a tendency to think “is this baby getting what it needs.” and then I read articles like this one and think “of course this baby is just fine!’ Allah is taking care of this baby and me. Alhamdullilah Wonderful blog …I will keep reading more 🙂

    • Jazakillah khair Saba. 🙂 May Allah bless you with a righteous child and easy delivery (from the date, I think you’re about due now or maybe had already had the baby). Ameen!

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