Tafseer Surah Yaseen : Conclusion


  • every Ramadan there is in-depth tafseer session after witr
  • take a few ayah and extract lessons from it
  • this year, I decided to do something a little different with trying to accomplishing goal and get a sense of completion in Ramadan and do surah yaseen
  • everyday we did an average of 2-3 ayat and there are 83 ayah in this surah


  • surah yaseen is 36th surah in order of the mushaf, comes after Faatir
  • Faatir talks about same theme Yaseen talks about
  • greatness of Allah, clarity of truth, how the distinction between right and wrong very obvious for those who want to realize
  • Faatir ends on interesting note
  • Faatir, ayat 42
  • 35:42
    Sahih International

    And they swore by Allah their strongest oaths that if a warner came to them, they would be more guided than [any] one of the [previous] nations. But when a warner came to them, it did not increase them except in aversion.

  • if somebody had just come to us, we’d do what we’re told
  • but A warner did arrive, but all they did was run away much further, they were doubtful, allergic to the truth, reality, sensibility
  • and the excuse they use, “no one makes any sense”
  • inzhaar – someone who warns another about danger out of concern and sincere care
  • “If someone comes to warn us of something that is of actual danger, of course we’d listen. Why wouldn’t we?”
  • very arrogant, but guess what, someone did come to them
  • this is where Faatir ends
  • Yaseen begins with
    Sahih International

    Indeed you, [O Muhammad], are from among the messengers,

    Sahih International

    On a straight path.

    Sahih International

    [This is] a revelation of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful,

    Sahih International

    That you may warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, so they are unaware.

  • you see the connection
  • at end of previous surah they were very arrogant, with their lofty claim
  • smooth transition from end of faatir to beginning of yaseen
  • end of fatir ayat 44
  • 35:44
    Sahih International

    Have they not traveled through the land and observed how was the end of those before them? And they were greater than them in power. But Allah is not to be caused failure by anything in the heavens or on the earth. Indeed, He is ever Knowing and Competent.

  • if they have any doubt why don’t they just travel around and go see what was the end result of the people who came before them and those who came before them were even more gifted, resourceful, talented, strong.
  • with quraysh this was a very practical suggestion
  • the ruins of people of ‘Aad and thamud were very nearby to them
  • on one of travels, prophet saw and sahabah passed by their ruins and he covered his face and began to weep and told the sahabah to keep going moving quickly and ask Allah to protect them from such a consequence
  • “Make a day’s journey and see what happened to those people.”
  • not a single thing in the sky or earth that could defeat, outsmart, out think Allah, so don’t delude yourself
  • don’t think, “Maybe those people caught up because they didn’t think of this, that..etc”
  • No, don’t fall into these delusions
  • Allah has always been and is and will continue to be ‘aleem, fully knowledgeable, qadeer , completely capable, always in control, can do whatever He wants, when He wants, How He wants
  • He doesn’t need any permission or clearance
  • gist of this ayah – why don’t they just travel around and see for themselves what happened to the people who came before them
  • one of first issues talked about in Yaseen was the story of the town
  • connection – they’re being told to travel around and Yaseen gave us a practical example of a town, a people and what ended up happening to the people
  • no matter where you live, what era, move around and see what happens to people and you will learn a valuable lesson

Surah Yaseen :

  • Intro establishes the wisdom of Quran,
  • talks about the validity of messengerhood of Muhammad saw,
  • then it talks about learning an example,
  • realizing what happens to people before us,
  • then a reminder for us to also play our role,
  • we owe it to this deen and Allah to play an active role of propagating this message

then 3 main themes to the surah:

  • 1st – prophethood and how vital it is to understand the meaning of life, purpose of our existence, because these are practical individuals of exemplary characters, we can use them as practical role models, and we can lead a more meaningful existence


  • 2nd – crux of issue, tauheed, committing and dedicating oneself to Allah, using a natural method to come to iman and tauheed; looking at everything around you and reflecting upon them and come to that realization.
  • look at all elements of nature and observe their loyalty, obedience, dedication to Allah and have some shame, be a little bit conscious of who you are and what you are doing as human beings
  • something as magnificent as the sun being so obedient to Allah
  • that sun has been moving on its exact orbit and has been doing exactly what Allah has told it do for Allah knows how long
  • realizing that Allah is the most powerful
  • even the sun realizes that Allah is knowledgeable about what it does
  • look at the sun in the sky and then look at yourself, are you that respectful, obedient to your Lord as that sun is?
  • look at the moon, Allah teaching us a practical lesson every single month
  • reminder every month – new moon
  • you can’t even see it
  • it slowly increases in visibility as days go on and then it becomes full moon but then it slowly starts to decrease again till it goes back to that crescent shape
  • as this moon has the cycle, you also have the cycle
  • at one time you were nothing, fragile, frail and then We gave you intelligence, growth, faculties and then when you’re at the peak of your lives, the conceit, delusion of human being comes, but don’t forget just as that moon recedes, you also will
  • end of surah yaseen talks about this issue
  • Ayat 68
  • 36:68
    Sahih International

    And he to whom We grant long life We reverse in creation; so will they not understand?


  • 3rd – akhirah, powerful reminder
  • horn will be blown
  • people will come out of graves, graves that are completely gone and forgotten
  • people crawling out of these
  • they’ll be running quickly, like water coming downhill, towards Allah
  • then if right choices were made, people of jannah described, living it up, not by themselves, with their family, friends, the whole posse
  • not only that, when you’re having a good time, you always make sure you have snacks with you, you don’t even have to decide what to pack, just think of it and then it will be there
  • if you go somewhere and famous celeb or politician and he stops the whole crowd and addresses you,”Hey, how are you doing?” that will be the greatest moment of your life
  • in Jannah, Allah will greet and acknowledge you, what greater honor and distinction ?
  • beautiful transition then from jannah
  • in dunya everyone lives together but in akhirah people will be separated
  • “You know who you are, separate yourselves.”
  • jahannam will be shown, not only that, they themselves will be told to jump, throw themselves into it
  • imagine the terror and horror of the situation
  • they won’t even be able to escape or get out of it
  • their hands and feet will testify against them
  • then in final passage of surah, Allah tells us the conclusion of this
  • beautiful, similar parallels with the beginning of the surah
  • that the prophet saw didn’t need to worry about these people who treated him badly,Allah being defensive of His messenger saw
  • Quran meant for people whose hearts are alive
  • finally, Allah ended by reminding us why we need to believe in Allah and how foolish, arrogant, conceited a person has to be to do otherwise
  • surah faatir smoothly segues into Yaseen and Yaseen smoothly segues into surah saffaat
  • at end of Yaseen, Allah says,
  • ayat 74
  • 36:74
    Sahih International

    But they have taken besides Allah [false] deities that perhaps they would be helped.

  • in beginning of saffaat
  • 37:4
    Sahih International

    Indeed, your God is One,

    Sahih International

    Lord of the heavens and the earth and that between them and Lord of the sunrises.

  • “You Muslims you shouldn’t be confused by these evil people and their behavior. There is no doubt that Allah is one. He is the Lord, master, owner, sustainer, provider of the heavens and all that which is the heavens and everything between it and everything else that is out there in any direction.”
  • at end of yaseen in ayat 78
  • 36:78
    Sahih International

    And he presents for Us an example and forgets his [own] creation. He says, “Who will give life to bones while they are disintegrated?”

  • they not only confront but they have theories and evidence to argue with prophet saw and Allah
  • in next ayah Allah gives response and rebuttal, teaching us the response and rebuttal to such a question
  • 36:79
    Sahih International

    Say, “He will give them life who produced them the first time; and He is, of all creation, Knowing.”

  • at beginning of next surah, surah saffaat, again Allah mentions to us that same group of people
  • 37:16
    Sahih International

    When we have died and become dust and bones, are we indeed to be resurrected?

  • this objection, confusion of theirs mentioned again in the next surah (surah saffaat), but in previous surah, surah yaseen, Allah already gave the answer
  • in this way we get a fuller appreciation not just for the surah itself, the overview of the surah that is comprehensive, but at the same time a simple and direct message but we also get to see the beautiful organization and structure of the Quran and how we see one surah very smoothly transitioning into another surah
  • we get to see how yaseen smoothly transitioning into the next surah
  • this is whole other level of the area of studying the Quran
  • so many levels to studying the Quran
  • there is the study of ayaat, within it we can see the circumstances of revelation (asbaab an nuzul), word analysis (in-depth discussion for each and every single word, why that word used, why in this verb pattern) grammar of ayah, (eloquence grammar creates within the ayah) spiritual lesson from every single ayah
  • how when ayah put together there is very interesting discussions, discourses, dialogues for our benefit
  • when we go beyond that we see how each and every surah has beginning and end and very structured arguments that are sequenced and pieced together to form a complete idea, concept, teaching
  • we can see how each and every single surah is building on this central theme of the Quran and how even surah connect with each and complement and supplement the themes presented in every single surah
  • in these times it’s hard to find people who are focused to study the book of Allah
  • classically speaking, the pursuit of knowledge is at minimum a  2 step process
  1. sit and listen attentively, observe take notes and pay full attention
  2. to review, follow-up
  • if that 2nd step doesn’t happen, it will become a faded memory
  • this is something a lot more important, so make sure you follow-up
  • one other recommended goal : memorize the surah
  • recordings have been divided into manageable sections
  • there will inshaallah be tutorials on how to memorize, presented by Wisam Sharief

Brief recommendations on memorization:

  • memorization is repetition
  • understand what is being said drastically improves ability to memorize
  • stare at ayah, point finger at it, repetition
  • trade secret of huffaadh, especially those leading taraweeh
  • visual very hopeful
  • visualize the page in front of you
  • even once you become a very senior haafidh, it’s very important to still take time, sit down, open mushaf and read it, important to reinforce that visual
  • find somebody and read to them
  • whatever you’re memorizing, read it in your salah
  • after a month, you will have now completed memorization of surah yaseen and you will also know the in-depth meaning of it
  • imagine standing up and reciting it before Allah, understanding and knowing the meaning and reflecting on it

3 thoughts on “Tafseer Surah Yaseen : Conclusion

  1. SubhanAllah juli!! i love you for making these notes!
    i started making my own notes the other day and posted it up on my blog – inshaAllah im gonna refer to your notes while making mine!
    this made my day!
    jazak Allah khair for your effort and for sharing it with us all!

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