Tafseer Surah Yaseen 80-81


  • ayat 80 and 81 are expounding on the answer given in ayat 79
  • ayat 77 – Allah told us about this arrogant, conceited, deluded, self-important human being who thinks he can sit there and argue with Allah and rasulullah saw and gives evidence and theory to try and establish that he’s right and Allah and His messenger saw are wrong
  • Allah refuted their delusions and arrogance and He answers their objection in a powerful manner in ayat 79
  • abu jahl, ubayy bin khalaf, al aas ibn waa’il would actually pick up decomposed bones and shove it in rasulullah’s saw face and asked him “you’re saying this is going to be brought back to life??! Who could do that??”
  • Allah telling prophet saw to answer them
  • dawah methodology, while we’re supposed to be humble, kind and thoughtful, at same time we need to be assertive, intelligent and clear about what our message is
  • we don’t start a confrontation but you do speak up and explain, “let me tell you where you are confused.”
  • essence of dawah – clarifying people’s misconceptions
  • in Ayat 79, Allah gives the answer and now this answer is going to expounded on
  • in the next 2 ayah, Allah presents 2 lines of reasoning to substantiate this answer and this idea that is presented to them as a rebuttal to their arrogance an ignorance

Ayat 80

Sahih International
[It is] He who made for you from the green tree, fire, and then from it you ignite.
  • you know why it shouldn’t be hard for you to understand that? Here is proof#1
  • he made fire for you from the green tree – literal translation
  • شَجَرِ الأَخضَر shajaril akhdar – green tree
  • figure of speech, idiom within arabic language, an expression, it actually refers to a tree that is still very moist and full of life and still capable of growth, not a withered tree or a cut down, dead tree
  • like at spring time, leaves are still budding out
  • that branch in arabic is referred to as a green tree, branch
  • how does fire come from that?
2 interpretations:
1st interpretation:
  • 2 types  of tree that were famous in Hijaz, that area of Arabian peninsula : markh and afaar
  • these trees unique because the branches even while very moist and alive, you can take one branch of this and nother of that and rub them together, they’d spark fire, even though they were moist
  • this is how the Arabs start a fire, very easy for them to start a fire for themselves
  • the contradiction that the disbelievers see is that this is dead it’s beyond dead (the bone is falling apart), how can it come to life again? They can’t get over this contradiction
  • Allah is pointing out that you see life coming from this dead bone as complete opposites, but all you have to do tonight is starting a fire with these moist branches.
  • They are not typical wood you use to start a fire with
  • it still has liquid inside of it, but you start fire from it
  • that are two things that are opposites too that are co existent, these things are all around us
  • in other places in the Quran, Allah says, “Allah brings the living from the dead and the dead from the living.”
  • this has a spiritual application :
  • when someone becomes muslim, accepts iman, it’s like a dead heart becomes alive
  • and when someone loses his iman, it’s as if a living heart becomes dead
  • but it has physical application as well:
  • in winter, the earth is dead and barren but in spring Allah brings it back to life
  • there is this constant system that Allah has put into place
  • this is something you see everyday, it shouldn’t confuse you
  • so this is a very practical proof given to them

2nd interpretation

  • both interpretations can co-exist, the Quran is that deep, it has layers to it
  • some of the scholars point out that what Allah is alluding to is that these same branches that are moist in spring, when they die and wither in winter, they become the best fuel for fire
  • Allah brings it around
  • green leaves turn yellow, orange, and red in fall which is the color of fire
  • it goes from being green to the color of fire
  • all these different meanings built into these ayah
  • most and majority of  scholars more specifically pointed to out to first interpretation
  • الشَجَرِ الأَخضَر asshajaril akhdar – THE green tree
  • تُوقِدُون tooqidoon – you’ve been using it to light fire and you keep using it to light fire
  • Allah already said fire comes from that so why does He then say, “faizhaa antum minhu tooqidoon فَإِذَ انتُم مِنهُ تُوقِدُون” (all of a sudden you start fire using it)
  • إذَا izhaa – shows shock ans surprise,amazement
  • isn’t it amazing that you as human beings automatically knew to go to this tree, take a branch from it, go to this other tree and take a branch and rub them together and start a fire to cook your meal? Who told you to do that? Who taught human beings to do it this way?
  • this is what Allah has programmed for human beings to do to survive
  • this is a very lengthy discussion
  • explained in a few ayat in the Quran – Allah created each and every single thing and then gave it guidance
  • not spiritual guidance, but guidance in that to program every living creature to know what to do
  • who teaches a child to cry or suckle? who programmed a child to do that? it’s as if it’s instinct
  • this is fitrah that Allah has programmed inside human beings
  • this is part of blessings from Allah
  • child knows to use his hand to put something in his mouth
  • He doesn’t let us just roll around on this earth like wild beasts trying to figure things out
  • rather, He has programmed his creations and gives them guidance, how to do it, where to do it, how to go about fulfilling and satisfying needs of human beings
  • this lead you back to one logical conclusion – Allah
  • that is the first line of evidence
  • alluded to in surah waqiah – don’t you see the fire that you light and burn and you continue to burn it. Are you the one that grew the tree that you use to fuel the fire or are the ones who grew that tree
  • 56:72
    Sahih International

    Is it you who produced its tree, or are We the producer?

    • tree is a symbol of life, it grows, provide food
  • Allah also uses tree as metaphor for iman, spiritual life
  • but at same time, Allah is showing that we also use it to light fire, which is a sign of death, destruction
  • there’s connection between tree and fire, so these opposites can co-exist like this, life and death, so this shouldn’t confuse you
Ayat 81
Sahih International
Is not He who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the likes of them? Yes, [it is so]; and He is the Knowing Creator.
  • isn’t the one who created the heavens and earth fully capable
  • look at heavens, look at earth
  • this was spoken earlier in the surah
  • this is a conclusion, so it’s wrapping things up
  • passage about tauheed talks about this
  • look at dead earth, Allah gives it life, then small grains start to grow, then before you know it there are whole gardens, fruits, vegetables, before you know it springs shooting from the same chunk of land that was dead before
  • then you’re eating, enjoying, benefiting from it, then why are you not grateful?
  • look at the sky, We pull the day back away from the night. Look at the sun, it’s so obedient following exactly the pattern and timing Allah has set for it
  • look at the moon look at how it goes through different stages
  • spiritual lesson – how human being goes through different stages of life
  • Allah has explained to us in detail
  • observe them appreciate them, they should lead you to Allah (ayah)
  • so the one who created the sky and earth and everything that is in it and between it, isn’t He capable that He could create the likes of these people (reconstruct their bodies, give them similar physical forms as they have right now)?
  • this human being tat is 5, 6 feet tall, the body of human being is amazing but look at everything around you
  • is human being this arrogant ?
  • people who do come to this realization are the ones who have been guided, these are the intelligent ones, who use their minds
  • these arrogant people are fully functional but when it comes to this area, it’s like their brains shut down and they can’t function anymore
  • reason why Allah says mithlahum مِثلَهُم
  • مِثل mithl just like something, the example of something,  resemblance, mirror image of something
  • that’s why you can reflect on it and you see similarities, resemblance
  • in surah qiyaamah – human being really thinks we can’t collect his bones back together?
  • 75:3
    Sahih International

    Does man think that We will not assemble his bones?

    balaa qaadireen – most definitely we can totally put them back together again

  • 75:4
    Sahih International

    Yes. [We are] Able [even] to proportion his fingertips.

  • to the extent we can again put his finger prints back together exactly as they were
  • everyone knows rhetorical questions, you don’t answer them
  • but at same time, Allah asks these questions throughout the Quran
  • hasn’t this human being realize?
  • haven’t they thought about the fact?
  • now at conclusion Allah is not even leaving the slightest room for misunderstanding
  • sometimes when someone asks rhetorical questions, jus the tone of it is a little confusing
  • so Allah here asks the question and then definitely conclusively gives the answer
  • balaa بَلى – no doubt
  • no doubt about the fact that He is fully capable
  • wahuwal khallaaqul ‘aleem وَهُوَ الخَلاَّقُ العلِيم – in fact He is al khallaq
  • خَالِق khaaliq – one of attribute of Allah
  •  the one who creates
  • khallaaq خَلاَّق – hyperbole, exaggerated form of the word
  • the one who creates everything and creates things beyond your imagination
  • He’s been creating since the beginning and He is still creating and will continue creating
  • at such a level that you can’t even imagine
  • الخَلاَّق العَلِيم Al khallaaq, al ‘aleem –
  • attribute sof Allah beautifully complement each other in the Quran
  • someone might make a bunch of things and then he sells them and then does he keep tabs of everything he sold? No
  • but Allah is al ‘aleem – He creates each ad every single thing and He is fully informed about each and everything, He’s watching it, listening to it, keeping tabs on it, it never escapes His knowledge
  • Allah is not just a creator but He is responsible for every single thing
  • it’s like He has it on a leash and can pull it back whenever He wants to
  • no such thing as Allah creating something and then it just exists on its own
  • everything He creates never becomes independent, it’s constantly in need of Allah, it cannot do anything without the will and permission of Allah
  • this is the progression of this answer that is given to these people
  • at end of ayah 79 Allah answered them by saying “He is fully knowledgable of everything He created.”
  • now it’s as if it’s being said in even a stronger tone, the argument is being sealed, no more room for discussion

4 thoughts on “Tafseer Surah Yaseen 80-81

  1. I think in Ayat 80 in Surat Ya Seen talks about Oxygen (O2). It comes from green tree. And without O2 it is not possible to create a fire. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) could not know this fact 1400 year ago. It is can be another miracle of Quran.

    • Alhamdulillah, i too guesd the same my brother, for that sake i too came here to know that if any other reasons also behind that..

    • Ye mammadli, do you think our Prophet SAW didnt knw this fact, dnt you think that Allah didnt have given explanation (ilm) to Rasoolullah (saw). Thnk before you think about that ilm..

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