Tafseer Surah Yaseen 77-79


  • we’re in last portion of this surah
  • this is conclusion and wrap up of entire surah
  • introduction laid out basic premise of surah and spoke about basic themes of surah and addressed them
  • 3 passages that followed:
  • 2nd – prophethood and issues of messengers, representatives from Allah carrying the message
  • 3rd – oneness of Allah, how to come to that conclusion organically, simply by making observation of creations around us
  • 4th – life of hereafter
  • based on the 2nd and 3rd passage (prophethood and tauheed), how a person react to these things, whether he would accept of reject them would determine his fate in the hereafter, what will transpire on Day of Judgment, there will be 2 groups
  • 2 passages, one talked about groups of jannah and one about groups of jahannam, within that 4th passage itself
  • now this is the final portion of this surah, this is the conclusion
  • wrapping up all these issues spoken about
  • very synchronized
  • yesterday we studied 3 ayah that are very close and resembled the 3 ayah in the beginning
  • beauty of surah yaseen is how it’s properly and tightly packaged together,
  • it contains the entire message very precisely packaged in a very small and manageable portion
  • entire summary of Quran has been put together and can be presented to someone
  • of fadhaail of this surah is that yaseen is to be recited to someone at the pangs of death because if they understand it, it will raise their iman and so they can properly connect to Allah and smooth the transition into the life after death
  • in ayat 76, Allah addressed prophet saw, “you shouldn’t be grieved by what these people have said, We know everything they do privately and publicly.”
  • this is both a consolation to prophet saw and a very high distinction for him (saw) that Allah Himself has taken responsibility and say “I’ll take care of them.”
  • Allah is being defensive
  • when you love someone, you get defensive about your beloved and jump in and say, “Hey, don’t talk to him like that,”
  • Allah consoling prophet saw in beginning of the surah and throughout the surah it’s a very common occurrence for Allah to console prophet saw
  • and even throughout the Quran, Allah does this
  • someone may ask a question, “Is Muhammad saw very sensitive? Can’t he take criticism? This is dawah after all.”
  • Allah answers those possible questions and criticisms in these next few ayah
  • Ayat 74-75 , Allah strongly condemned these people
  • wahum lahum jundun muh7dharoon وَهُم لَهُم جُندُ مُحضَرُون- while they’re being tortured, all they prefered above Allah, will be made to stand right by them and watching them being tormented
  • such a strong condemning of someone is going to be justified here in the next 2 ayah


Ayat 77

Sahih International
Does man not consider that We created him from a [mere] sperm-drop – then at once he is a clear adversary?
  • يَرَى yara, this comes from word ra”a رَ أَ , from ru”ya رُؤيَ – to see, but also when you’re having intellectual discussion with someone, ru”ya رُؤيَ means not just to see something from the surface but also to understand, reflect, deeply think about it
  • الإِنسَان al insaan – the human being
  • 2 lessons ago, in the beginning of the passage, I explained how when Allah is talking to these people, He’s talking directly in first person
  • “We have created for them …”
  • Allah mentioning to them all blessings showered upon them
  • it’s a powerful way of making someone realizing their mistakes
  • yesterday, we learned that now as result of them not realizing despite Allah speaking to them, Allah is angry and speaks to them in 3rd person
  • now he’s speaking about Himself in 3rd person because He’s completely turned away from them
  • when you’re displeased, disappointed by someone you turn away from them
  • but He’s still speaking to them in the pronoun ‘they’
  • now here it’s as if Allah not even acknowledging them, Allah uses the word insaan
  • not even ‘they’ but ‘human beings’
  • Allah says, “Has the human being not thought,” Allah doesn’t even say “Haven’t they thought about it.”
  • like teacher doesn’t want to acknowledge that this student is a part of his class, he says, “The student didn’t do his homework.”
  • as if that student didn’t exist, doesn’t have an identity, he’s not even affording him the 3rd person pronoun anymore
  • who is being referred to when Allah says ‘Al insaan’?
  • many different narrations, all mentioned in books of tafaaseer in great detail
  • narrations talking about ubay bin khalaf, al aas ibn waail, abu jahl, all these different leaders of mushrikeen of quraysh who were at head of opposition of the dawah of prophet saw
  • they were very abusive, confrontational and disrespectful
  • “you are wrong, crazy, liar, poet…” very abusive
  • mufasireen also point out that it could be related to these individuals but at same time it has broad meaning as well ; human being in general
  • surah taghabun –
    Sahih International

    It is He who created you, and among you is the disbeliever, and among you is the believer. And Allah , of what you do, is Seeing.

  • Allah mentioned kaafir first because Allah has told us that despite truth and reality being obvious and self -evident majority of people will not understand, be grateful, believe
  • so this reality is present here whan Allah says this ayah
  • even if we look around today there may be many muslims around the world but they’re still a small number compared to all people in the entire world
  • majority of people don’t realize or think about these things
  • that’s a sad reality but at same time, it’s important for us to know
  • this fact should make us even that much more grateful to Allah if we have the realization of la ilaaha illaallah
  • if Allah has given us a semblance of iman, we should be grateful
  • we are part of a small group of people Allah bestows iman on
  • it’s a huge blessing of Allah that we should never take for granted
  • نُطفَة nuTfah – a drop of sperm
  • إذَا izhaa – it expresses surprise, shock, amazement at something, all of a sudden something happens

can have 1 of 2 implications:

  1. either something happens all of a sudden , shocking in that way, faster and quicker than people think
  2. or it expresses shock “really, that’s the outcome of this?!” total shock,amazement at hoe something that started there could end up here
  • فَإِذَا fa izhaa – all of a sudden
  • the same human being that Allah granted existence to from this drop of fluid, he was what we considered filth, from nothing,
  • semen; we all know and understand that you have to wash it or scrape it from your clothes, it’s najasah, filth

that’s the reality, the human being is made up of 2 things:

  1. body  (physical)
  2. ruh (spiritual)
  • ruh has a normal beginning, stood witness before Allah and said, “بَلى balaa!” (most definitely You are) when Allah asked, “Am I not Your rabb?”
  • but the typical human being takes pride of the physical part of himself, not the ruh
  • that’s what he likes to feed, nourish, pleasure, the animal
  • that’s what deludes him, either his intelligence, strength, beauty
  • these are what makes him arrogant, that he boasts about
  • Allah embedded here implicitly that everything this human being prides himself on, its beginning is filth
  • it’s something you can’t even pray if you have on your clothes
  • very harsh reality, it’s a very bitter pill to swallow here
  • why is he so arrogant? that’s what We created him from
  • that’s the first thing he needs to think about
  • next: faizhaa huwa khaseem mubeen فَإِذَا هُوَ خَصِيم مُبِين
  • crime on top of crime, sin on top of sin
  • not only did he come from such pathetic beginning, but where does he end up?
  • khasamخَصم – to argue with someone, confront someone and argue, not just normal argument, not knowledgeable respectful debate, but a oud shouting argument, someone shouting his finger and stomping, yelling at top of his lungs, adamant, insistent
  • khaseem خَصِيم- someone who’s really stuck on his point , he doesn’t want to listen, he talks over you, he yells at you, he’s pointing his finger in your face and every time you try to calm him down he goes at it again
  • there’s hyperbole in the form of this word
  • mubeen مُبِين- self-evident
  • like when someone gets in an argument very loudly in lobby of masjid , can anybody miss that?
  • nobody misses it
  • he doesn’t take someone in a room and argues and then gossip leaks out ,”Hey did you hear what happened?”
  • but this guy is doing it in public, making it a public affair, causing a scene
  • so Allah says, this human being all of a sudden he becomes very confrontational and doing it very openly, publicly, against Allah, messenger saw, Quran, realities of life
  • when you put ayah together;
  • “Hasn’t this human being realized where he came from, where we created him from? and then the most shocking thing, even though  he came from there, does he humble himself? No, in fact he’s being publicly disrespectful.
  • it doesn’t stop there,
  • this human being thinks he’s smarter
  • arrogance clouds a person’s judgment
  • so next ayah…

Ayat 78

Sahih International
And he presents for Us an example and forgets his [own] creation. He says, “Who will give life to bones while they are disintegrated?”
  • Allah says he(this human being) gives us an example
  • “let me explain something to you, brother…” – that kind of guy
  • this is worse though
  • he’s saying to Allah, Quran, messenger saw “let me explain something to you, alright?”
  • he’s giving an example to rasulullah saw, :let me explain something to you”
  • that in and of itself is just beyond stupid
  • more preposterous is because throughout the Quran, Allah gives us examples to teach us
  • and for Mr. Genius to come along and flip the script and say this, it makes it that much more ridiculous and stupid
  • very very powerful -> wa nasiya khalqah وَنَسِيَ خَلقَه – he must have forgotten his own creation
  • he must have forgotten the fact that he was created and how he was created
  • now Allah is explaining to us, the reader, listener, believer when he reads this, the natural reaction is he scratches his head, thinking, “who would be so arrogant to think he can sit down and explain things to Allah or rasulullah saw?”
  • So Allah is explaining to us, “you know how a person can be that arrogant, or what kind of person can do that? the person must have forgotten the fact that We created him.”
  • that’s the only possible explanation that someone can be this foolish or arrogant
  • قَال مَن يُحي العِظَام وَ هِيَ رَمِيم qaala man yuhyil ‘izdhaam wa hiya rameem – he said, “who could ever (do you really think someone could do this) bring bones back to life when these bones have become dust?”
  • man مَن – who, like he showing dismay at this idea
  • رَمِيم rameem – refers to when even the bones, skeleton have completely fallen apart into different pieces, when you touch it, it falls apart
  • “Who could ever put life back in these bones that even when you touch them they fall completely apart”
  • books of tafseer, seerah and hadith mention that these individuals, ubay bin khalaf, abu jahl, al aas ibn waa”il, they came to prophet saw holding old decomposed bones out of the ground, and saying “so you’re tying to tell me someone is going t bring these back to life?” and shoving it in prophet saw’s face. “I’d really like to see that! Are you kidding me? Do you really think I’m that stupid?!”
  • that is the tone of these people

Ayat 79

Sahih International
Say, “He will give them life who produced them the first time; and He is, of all creation, Knowing.”
  • Allah answers these objections and this stupidity
  • He teaches the prophet saw how to respond and by extension He’s teaching us how to respond to this as well
  • قُل qul – say, tell them
  • يُحيِيهَا yuh7yeeha – you know who’s going to bring you back to life?
  • الَّذِي انشَأَهَا اوَّلَ مَرَّة allazhee ansha ahaa awaala marrah – the one who, not only created you in the first place, but then raised it
  • very profound point here, Allah not only answers their question but goes beyond, completely shuts them up
  • ansha aha انشَأَهَا –
  • he didn’t say الَّذِي خَلَقَهَا اوّلَ مَرَّة allazhee khalaqaha awwala marrah – the one who created this bone in the first pace
  • نَشَأَ، انشَأَ nasha “a, ansha “a – not only to create something but to raise it, care for it, feed it,
  • like caring for a plant, you sow the seeds, water it, you put it in sunlight, make sure no bugs get into it, you continue to raise it
  • that’s the meaning of this word, , inshaa”, ansha”a, إنشَاء، انشَأَ
  • by the way this is the bone after it has reached its adult form
  • but if it’s a human bone, it wasn’t that size when we created it, like a baby, who allowed it to grow? Allah
  • not only that but look at how miraculously the bone grows, not ony the bone increasing in size but the body around it growing and increasing as well, and in proportion too, everything is perfect
  • خَلَقنَاهُم لِشَيءِِ لقَدَر  khalaqnakum la shay in liqadar – he created everything in proportion
  • so the whole body grows with it, Allah provides it such that not only the body grow but the bone it is encasing can also grow and flourish and be healthy
  • “So this bone you’re holding in your hand, not only did Allah created it, but foolish man, what you didn’t realize is that the bone you’re holding in your hand is the end product, this is not how it came, when it started it was tiny, Allah allowed it to grow, you’re forgetting that whole process, so this creator tat I’m telling you about  is so much  more amazing than you’ll ever realize, he’ll bring this bone back to life bec he’s the one who created it in the first place, bone is this hard thing, you can’t fathom how it was small and it became big, but Allah is the one who gave it its existence and Allah allowed it grow and cause its death and Allah is the one who will bring it back to life.”
  • He is completely informed of each and every single thing He has created, at all times in all situation
  • same thing in surah mulk –
    Sahih International

    Does He who created not know, while He is the Subtle, the Acquainted?

  • doesn’t he know the one who created?
  • another meaning : wouldn’t Allah know that which he created Himself
  • you came to argue with Allah and you not only wanted to argue but you wanted to give examples and theories and evidences to tell Allah about that which He created?
  • Allah knows it a lot better than you will
  • in this answer, 2 questions
  • they just asked one question “Can anyone  really put life back into this?
  • Allah taught prophet saw and us also to answer that question, “Yes, somebody can put life back into it.” and to specify who is that someone, who is the one who will put life back into it, that “Allah Himself.” not only that but to provide proof “where do you think it came from in the first place?”, ad this growing process, the life cycle this bone has already gone through is secondary proof of the fact that yes Allah is capable of putting life back in it

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  1. Assalamualaikum, i am grateful to Allah for the thought of searching the explanation of Yaseen and leads me here, MasyaAllah i have learned alot that i had expected when i simply wanted to read the meaning of surah Yaseen, i love how you relate to other Surahs and Hadiths of story which explains the ayahs better, i just want to thank you for doing this and know that what you’ve done or what you’re doing (hopefully you’re stll doing tafseer) is NOT worthless, reading this wordpress tonight will influence my life, changing my lifetsyle/behavior/attitude for the good, InsyaAllah. Jazak Allahu Khayran. Please contact me as i have a few questions if possible

    Email : Zharif_1510@hotmail.com

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