Tafseer Surah Yaseen 68


  • ayat 68 is sort of a conclusion of the last passage we studied, very closely related to ayah of previous lesson but at same time it’s a very crucial ayah, int transitioning us to the next passage
  • so maybe better to study it on its own


Ayat 68

Sahih International
And he to whom We grant long life We reverse in creation; so will they not understand?
  • وَ مَن نُعَمِّرهُ wa man nu’ammirhu – and whosoever we grant extended life to,
  • نُنَكِّسهُ فِي الحَقّ nunakkishu fil khalq – we cause him to regress in his condition, to deteriorate in his physical, mental, overall condition
  • افَلاَ يَعقِلُون؟ afala ya’qiloon – don’t they understand, think, process this?
  • وَ مَن wa man – whosoever
  • this is kind of like presenting hypothetical case
  • نُعَمِّرهُ، عُمَر nu’ammirhu , umar = age
  • تَعمِير ta’meer = to increase in age, to grant extended duration to age
  • interesting thing about the verb pattern – the pattern it comes from has implication that it implies it happens stage by stage, little by little
  • e.g. in Quran when Allah talks about sending something down, He says Inzaal or tanzeel
  • إنزَال inzaal – send something down all at once
  • تَنزِيل tanzeel – send something down piece by piece
  • specifically when Allah talks about Quran in comparison to other books
  • like in beginning of surah aali imran, Allah talks about sending down Quran He uses word Tanzeel,
  • نَزَّلَ عَلَيكَ الكِتَابَ بَِلحَقّ nazzala ‘alaykal kitaaba bil haqq – He uses word nazzala when talking about sending Quran down. Quran came down bit by bit over the span of lifetime of Rasulullah saw
  • when Allah talks about sending taurah and injeel, he says anzala tauratu wal injeel
  • similarly here, nu’ammir comes from ta’meer
  • ta’meer – literally to slowly make something grow in age, slowly for something in age to be increased or duration to be increased

نُنَكِّسهُ فِي الحَقّ nunakkishu fil khalq

  • نَكس، نَكَسَ naks, nakasa – literally means to flip something over, take the top and put it on the bottom, used metaphorically how something gets flipped around,for something to go backwards, to go turn back around
  • فِي الخَلق fil khalq – in his creation
  • all faculties he’s given to us from physical strength, intelligence, ability to think, even emotional capacity, Allah says We make this person regress in all different areas
  • basically Allah is pointing out that as someone continues to get older their bodies start to slow down, minds slow down, emotionally things become more difficulty for them, in all aspect
  • this is something Allah points out in surah rum
  • surah rum – Allah is the one who created you from weakness. Then from that weakness you get strength, then out of that strength, comes weakness and eventually old age
  • 30:54
    Sahih International

    Allah is the one who created you from weakness, then made after weakness strength, then made after strength weakness and white hair. He creates what He wills, and He is the Knowing, the Competent.

  • this is what Allah’s talking about here
  • as person gets older he regresses
  • in surah hajj – till the point where that person gets returned back to the worst of that person’s period of life, that after knowing something, he doesn’t know it anymore
  • 22:5
    Sahih International

    O People, if you should be in doubt about the Resurrection, then [consider that] indeed, We created you from dust, then from a sperm-drop, then from a clinging clot, and then from a lump of flesh, formed and unformed – that We may show you. And We settle in the wombs whom We will for a specified term, then We bring you out as a child, and then [We develop you] that you may reach your [time of] maturity. And among you is he who is taken in [early] death, and among you is he who is returned to the most decrepit [old] age so that he knows, after [once having] knowledge, nothing. And you see the earth barren, but when We send down upon it rain, it quivers and swells and grows [something] of every beautiful kind.

  • my grandmother towards end of life developed Alzheimer’s, she wouldn’t even recognize her own children
  • it gets to that point sometimes
  • this happens,
  • افَلاَ يَعقِلُون afala ya’qiloon – haven’t they thought about this?
  • ayat very profound
  • so far in surah we’ve seen people who rejected message and arrogant in their denial
  • they denied and rejected concept of tauheed
  • they rejected and denied life in hereafter
  • so usually what is it that allows the person to continue to be arrogant in this matter?
  • capability that person has, making good money, good life, friends and family – all these can cloud person’s judgment
  • “I have everything going good for me what are you talking about that I have to face the consequences of my actions? I’m living it up.”
  • Allah is reminding humanity that whatever it is that you pride yourself on, realize and understand that as you get older,
  • time is something human being craves more than anything else
  • well, be careful when you get your wish
  • as you do get more time, as a consequence of that everything fades away
  • Catch 22 – you’re happy , strong, intelligent, so you figure, ‘I can continue to live like this, bring it on,’ but as years go on, you get more time but everything that you enjoyed is withering away, degrading away, it’s all gone
  • this is something very profound Allah is pointing out here as a wake up call, realization
  • this is hypothetical as we presented but it’s also a real thing
  • even this young person who can’t ever imagine himself with white hair or walking with a cane or not knowing where he lives, he can look at someone in his family, community, walk done the street, look all around you and you will see many examples like this
  • look in nursing homes, this is reality of life
  • a lot of discussion among mufassirooon, on how this ties in with previous passage
  • if you look at face value it seems like this is on a tangent
  • in previous ayat we were talking about how their mouths will be sealed and their hands and legs will testify against them, then if We would have willed we could have completely rubbed out their eyes and they would have been stumbling around looking for the path how could they ever find it? and if We willed We could have completely paralyzed these people at the place they stand right now, they wouldn’t be able to move forward or return back
  • how does ayat 68 this tie in with those ayaat?
Several opinions:
First opinion:
  • 2 scenarios/possibilities that Allah presents in those previous ayat – horrifying concept when you visualize it in your head
  • Allah provides this as evidence for that
  • no one should this is some crazy imaginary scenario and it can’t really happen
  • you see it happening at a lesser level everyday all around you
  • somebody just right where they’re standing and their eyes pop out of their heads
  • or someone standing and suddenly fall apart and become this useless piece of meat
  • but you see these gradually
  • nu’ammir – gradually step by step
  • Allah can easily speed up the process
  • if someone gets very old, they have trouble seeing, talking, walk around or not get to use their arms much anymore – it happens slowly over time
  • Allah says He can speed up the process but He doesn’t, out of His mercy

Second opinion:

  • Allah showing just like how this young, handsome, strong, capable,  person can become old, feeble-minded, weak
  • similarly Allah addressing these people who are right now in their temporary arrogance and conceit, they’re rejecting messengers, Allah, concept of akhirah, Allah is sending them a message
  • look around you, have you seen a person who was once strong and handsome and now are senile and weak?
  • guess what , you can also go from your pomp and glory today to being humiliated and disgraced
  • Allah can reverse people’s situation
  • نُنَكِّس nunakkis here will be the core of the ayah
  • that Allah flips people’s situations
  • right now you have the upper hand, they said, “should we feed the people when Allah could have fed them Himself?”
  • you have this arrogance today, well you might be on the side of it tomorrow, so realize your situation
Third opinion:
  • this in and of itself is an evidence of being resurrected on Day of Judgment
  • that somebody went from being helpless as a baby to being independently strong and capable to being senile and helpless again
  • you’re living in this life, you die and Allah can bring you back to life
  • Allah can bring back past situations like you see with the old senile person
  • Allah brought back the most helpless useless part of his life
  • what makes you think Allah can’t bring you back to life

Fourth opinion:

  • What Allah said in last 2 ayaat the word lau nashaa u (if We willed)
  • but He didn’t do that
  • Allah is saying that He didn’t just completely rubbed out their eyes or paralyze them where they stood, rather, He made it gradually
  • if He had done that, it would have just made getting out of it easier, it would have done just like that and that would have been easier
  • suffering in hereafter we read about, Allah says, no, that’s not enough, the suffering in hereafter as consequence as how they interacted with Allah, they’ll suffer in hereafter
  • but they also have to pay for the crime they did in this world
  • being arrogant with the messengers,
  • the price for that = they get humiliated in this world, they’re not as smart, strong,  or loud or capable as they were, they don’t have what they had before
  • not only do they don’t have that upper hand but they become old and feeble and humiliated
  • abu lahab was very arrogant, how he dealt and responded to prophet saw
  • some people had a quick end like abu jahal
  • but some people had a long drawn out end like abu lahab
  • he eventually  became really sick and ill to the point where his body was rotting, and it got to the point where his family members couldn’t be around him anymore, he smelled too bad, in horrible disgusting condition
  • so they locked him up in a room and no one would even go close to him
  • for last few days he would scream like a wild animal
  • they isolated him
  • in sickness and diseases
  • why he’s called abu lahab was because he was so handsome, rosy cheeks, really handsome person
  • now he’s ugly, old, losing his mind, no one cared about him no one loved about him
  • he eventually died and no one even realized he had died for a couple of days
  • they found his dead body, no one wanted to even go near his body or touch it, not even his own sons
  • they eventually paid some slaves, workers to come grab his body
  • they literally wrapped up his body and dragged his body and went out of town and threw his body there and some dogs ate his remains
  • this is what Allah is talking about
  • life gets drawn out and they see themselves deteriorating before their very eyes and they become humiliated and disgraced in this worldly life
  • what is waiting in hereafter doesn’t change
  • but in this dunya Allah makes drawn out torture because of their conceit, pride, boastfulness
  • they end up paying this price
  • Allah has given them minds, use it, look around you and just realize

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