Tafseer Surah Yaseen 55-58


  • we are in 3rd passage/portion of surah which is focusing on life in the hereafter
  • there is life after death and what will transpire there
  • this is 3rd of 3 major themes/concepts that makkan Quran focuses on
  • the 3 core aspects of iman but specially early revelation, Makkan Quran focuses on 3 areas: tauheed (oneness of Allah), risaalah(messengerhood), Akhirah (life of hereafter)
  • previous passage we talked about how day of resurrection will commence and talk about everybody being brought back to life as promised previously within surah
  • then it talks about absolute perfect justice that will be done on that day and is that every soul will be recompensed exactly with what he had done
  • these 4 ayah today, 55-58
  • the beginning of surah talked about 2 types of people:
  1. it doesn’t make a difference whether you warn them or not, they’re not going to believe, Allah’s decision has been confirmed with regards to the majority of them
  2. those people who follow the reminder and fear Ar Rahmaan even in absence, when no one else is around them
  •  now that we’re talking about the akhirah, that was the objective of messengerhood, to focus on those people (2nd group), even passage about tauheed talks about those who believe in Allah
  • so now it’s focusing on what will transpire to those people on Day of Judgment
  • we have talked about the disbelieving and we will see more of what will happen to them later on



Ayat 55

Sahih International
Indeed the companions of Paradise, that Day, will be amused in [joyful] occupation –
  • innaa إنَّا – to remove doubt, for emphasis, ‘most definitely’
  • as7haabal jannah اصحَابَ الجَنَّة- companions of jannah
  • doesn’t say ahlal jannah اهلَ الجَنّة but ash7aab اصحَاب
  • shows that this is where these people belong, that they are the inhabitant, dwellers, companions
  • also emphasises another aspect – there will be a group of people hanging out in jannah, you’re not alone
  • previous passage, talking about how al yaum, it makes you visualize.
  • this word telling you to close your eyes and visualize about these inhabitants in jannah
  • the description that is about to come is very descriptive, full of imagery, something very real, that you can picture in your mind
  • fee shughulin فِي شُغُلِِ
  • shughul شُغُل- something that you indulge, engage in, something that when you get involved in it you forget about everything else, like a game, hobby, entertainment
  • when people play video games the house can burn down and they won’t even realize it
  • Texas – football going on, doesn’t matter what else is going on
  • someone who is reading a book, you have to call them 2-3 times, they don’t even realize you’re calling them
  • this is shughul شُغُل
  • in life of this world we’re told to minimize our indulgence in these types of things and to be more productive, spiritually, socially, give more time to family etc, but in jannah, a person will be told, “You sacrificed…you gave up your hobbies, indulgences in order to be a better person, fulfill rights of people, be more spiritually productive, give more time to Allah, Islam, masjid, Quran. Today do whatever you feel like doing. Eat, drink, live it up, in exchange for what you invested in the days that have passed.”
  • Allah describes the believers as “they don’t waste their times, they don’t indulge in useless things.”
  • People in jannah will indulge in whatever they want to indulge in, no alarm clocks, appointments, etc or whatever it is that will cut into your time
  • shughul – in common form, it creates diversity, flexibility in the meaning
  • Allah doesn’t specify what it is because for everybody it will be something different
  • A bedouin man came to prophet saw and asked, “Will we be able to farm in jannah?” “I don’t know why you want to farm, but sure.” “That’s what we do.”
  • Someone with a woodcutting hobby, he’s sweating, his fingers has cut, but he enjoys doing it
  • for another it’s running for miles
  • faakihoon – when somebody’s very happy, joyful, laughing and smiling, ‘giddy’, energetic, really really happy, excited
  • you’re bordering on being goofy, jolly
  • these people will be indulging in these things they want to do
  • in this world when we indulge we know it will end or be interrupted by appointments etc
  • but in jannah, no interruption
  • Allah uses word fee فِي – meaning they will be completely absorbed
  • they’re having such a good time
  • this is the description of people in jannah
Ayat 56
Sahih International
They and their spouses – in shade, reclining on adorned couches.
  • when somebody indulges in hobby by themselves, doesn’t it get kind of lonely, boring after a while? others consider people like that to be a weirdo
  • you like to do things with other people
  • if you play video games with 4 other friends, that’s a good time, but if spend 3 hours playing by yourself, there’s something wrong with you
  • Allah says that these people in Jannah will not indulge in these activities by themselves, but they will have their spouses
  • they’ll be sitting in shades
  • as if they’re sitting outside
  • [perfect combination, they’re having fun, doing whatever they want to do, having friends and family, sitting outside with beautiful scenery in the gardens of jannah, something we can’t even imagine, rivers flowing from these gardens, waterfalls, rivers flowing from beneath them
  • not ordinary rivers
  • water that doesn’t go stagnant or stench
  • rivers of milk that will never go sour
  • rivers of pure wine
  • rivers of pure honey
  • these will be gardens of jannah, the blades of grass will be like diamonds, rubies, gems and stones
  • trees in jannah, hadith of Bukhari describes it as if a person was to ride a horse for a 100 years, he won’t be able to cross the shade cast by that tree
  • this person sitting outdoors in this unbelievable beautiful scene and he has shade above him
  • usually when we sit outside,it’s a nice pleasant beautiful day and you’re sitting outside under shade of a tree, maybe you have to put a sheet to sit out or maybe there are benches or you get out the folding chairs, it’s okay but not the most comfortable seating
  • for these people in jannah, they get the best of everything
  • araa ik ارَائِك – literally, the best explanation based on what we understand. best contemporary explanation – recliner, Lazyboy
  • couch but kind of like between a bed and couch, lets you sit in a position between sitting and lying down
  • imagine having a Lazyboy under the shade of a tree on a beautiful day, in the most beautiful place, with whatever kind of entertainment you like, with family and friends, not just 1 Lazyboy but several
  • they’re laying back in their Lazyboys, chilling and having a good time
Ayat 57
Sahih International
For them therein is fruit, and for them is whatever they request [or wish]
  • after indulging in activity you feel like having snacks
  • that’s provided as well
  • they’ll have fruits, right there waiting for them
  • in surah haqqah, it is described how a person is reclining back and eating fruits
  • quTtoofuhaa daniyah قُطُوفُهَا دَانِيَة – this person is sitting back in her/his recliner, and looking up at that tree that is casting shade and there is a bunch of fruits, juicy, ripe, amazing, hanging out and they’re looking at the fruits and thinking “hmm… that looks good’ and Allah says, Daaniyatun دَانِيَة (it comes closer) the tree will literally bend down, person eats and the branches go back up and whenever person wants to eat it bends back down again, it’s all automated
  • automated devices, we look at them we get so fascinated and we’re so amazed, and the best of these don’t even compare to what awaits these people in Jannah
  • walahum وَلَهُم – exclusively for them
  • maa yadda3oon مَا يَدَّعُون – whatever they could possibly ever ask for
  • yad3oon يَدعُون- to ask, to call out
  • yadda3oon يَدَّعُون – in exaggerated form : whatever they can ever ask for
  • a minority opinion from mufassiroon – from a grammatical perspective it comes from root of verb that means to claim something, whatever they could claim
  • scholars say they won’t even have to verbalize what you want, when you want something you usually verbalize it, “I want this please’
  • they won’t even have to verbalize it
  • surah fussilat : wa lakum feeha ma tashtahee anfusukum وَ لَكُم فِيهَا مَا تَشتَهِي انفُسُكُم – whatever your soul desires will be given to you
  • person will just need to feel like it and it’s right there
  • anything, everything will be made available to them exclusively for them
Ayat 58
Sahih International
[And] “Peace,” a word from a Merciful Lord.
  • salaamسَلاَم – peace and safety
  • like an announcement, proclamation being made, being rent down upon these people
  • salaam سَلاَم in its common form, peace and safety of every type for ever and ever for these people
  • qawlan قَولََ – a word,
  • this word salamun given to them, like congratulations, this word coming from Allah Himself
  • min مِن – from
  • rabb رَبّ- lord, master, who created, provides, sustains, maintains, protects
  • He’s the one who created you, provided you, sustained and maintained you and He’s the one who gave you guidance that allowed you to be here today, He’s the one who forgave your sins and allowed you to enter Jannah without any reckoning and He’s the one who has given you this luxury that will enjoy for all eternity
  • the word rabb itself describes all this
  • that’s why in surah a’raaf when it talks about people who entered jannah they say,
  • “alhamdulillahi lazhee hadaana lihaazhaa.” الحَمدُ لِلَّه الّذِي هَدَانَا لِهَاذَا – All praise that at all times praises deserving of worthy for the one who guided us to this point)
  • wa maa kunna litahtadee lawla an hadaa Allah وَ مَا كُنَّا لِتَهتَدِي لَولاَ ان هَدَا الَّلَه- we couldn’t have gotten here ourselves if Allah hadn’t given us guidance
  • this is proclamation from Allah, Rabb who is Ar rah7eem
  • his mercy transcends all time  and places
  • He was merciful to you from even before you were created
  • when you were in the womb of your mother, when you given birth to, when you were infant, you couldn’t even roll over and He gave you parents who care for you, when you were a child, adult, in your grave, on Day of Judgment, and entered you to jannah and He’s even being merciful to you today, look at what you have been given
  • salaamun qawla min rabb ar rah7eem سَلاَم قَول مِن رَبّ الرَحِيم  – Peace and safety showered upon this people, this is a proclamation from Ar Rabb, the Lord and the master who is constantly and continuously merciful

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