Tafseer Surah Yaseen 48-50


  • the 3 ayah yesterday was the first part of the conclusion of the middle passage(2nd part of the surah) of the surah
  • 1st part focused heavily on risaalah (messengerhood)
  • 2nd part/passage of surah focuses on concept of tauheed, the central and most important concept of tauheed, oneness of Allah
  • yesterda’s lesson:  when these people were told to live life of consciouness so they can get mercy from Allah and whenever signs came they’d completely ignore and walk away from it
  • last part of yesterday’s lesson, ayat 47, when they were told to spend from that Allah had provided for them
  • the disbelievers said, “should we feed those whom if Allah would have wanted to feed, He would feed them Himself?”
  • now it shows the arrogance and stubbornness and there is persistence on disobedience and ungratefulness and disbelief
  • leads to brain not functioning, people start to say unreasonable things, to speak in appropriate tones and manners
  • see where their disbelief and arrogance has taken them – depths of stupidity, foolishness
  • in following ayah that are going to be covered today, Allah doesn’t speak about how foolish they are but Allah let that speaks for itself
  • it’s so foolish, so blatant that it speaks for itself
  • they’re reminded over and over again and they respond in same way, arrogance, stubbornness, eventually a warning is issued to them
  • “listen, you need to realize the error of your ways, otherwise something horrible could come to you, you have to deal with consequences.”
  • once again their kufr, arrogance doesn’t allow them to hear the message, they respond with even more arrogance and mockery


Ayat 48


Sahih International
And they say, “When is this promise, if you should be truthful?”
  • in mudhaari’ مُضَارِع form – they continue to say this, they are saying and will continue to say
  • “when will this promise come if you’re actually telling the truth/such people of morality and truthfulness as you claim ?”
  • wa’d وَعد – promise
  • see the arrogance, conceit, the mockery

Ayat 49

Sahih International
They do not await except one blast which will seize them while they are disputing.
  • allah gives stern warning here
  • they’re not waiting except for sayh7ah صَيحَه
  • sayh7ah صَيحَه – piercing deafening, blast, loud sound
  • one loud explosion, sound that will snatch them up while they are arguing and debating
  • previous passage also ended on same note (the man from the farthest part of the city came and they killed him and Allah in turn destroyed the people with a loud sayh7ah صَيحَه, Allah didn’t even bother to bring down any elaborate punishment, they were just put out like putting out a candle)
  • they can continue to disobey, reject, refuse clear evident signs of Allah that are all around them,
  • they’re basically saying, “bring it on!”
  • Allah says that they’re waiting for nothing but one loud deafening loud explosion sound, they’ll be done in an instant while they’re talking, debating, arguing with each other
  • the same jeering,  as they’re standing speaking, boom, the sayh7ah صَيحَه will come
  • allah does not say ma yantazdhiroona مَا يَنتَظِرُونَ but He says maa yanzdhuroon مَا يَنظُرُون
  • they both come from same root
  • intizdhaar إنتِظَار – to wait for something
  • yanzdhuroona يَنظُرُونَ comes from nazdhar نَظَر- root means ‘to look’, can also be used in meaning ‘to wait for something’ but more so ‘waiting for something by looking for it’
  • like when you wait for a train, you keep watching it till it comes to you
  • you see it coming
  • they’ll be standing there and the sayh7ah will be right there in their faces
  • they’ll be standing and arguing just like they did with the messenger
  • just like this, they’re done with one piercing sound

Ayat 50

Sahih International
And they will not be able [to give] any instruction, nor to their people can they return.
  • tauSsiyah تَُصِيَّة – to will something, a last will, last testament, kind of like your dying wish, final wish
  • they won’t even have the opportunity to make a last dying will
  • to say something to someone like “please take care of this ..”
  • it shows how unfulfilled their lives are
  • they rejected because they wanted to live it up in this life
  • but their lives so unfulfilled that they weren’t even able to make a final wish/will
  • when somebody sentenced to death, on death row, he’s a known convicted criminal, think of a serial killer, murderer, but even he gets a last dying request, they let him talk to a priest, family member, last meal and even when strapped up, they even get to say something final
  • nor are they returning back to their family
  • they’re done for
  • this is Allah talking about the outcome of these people
  • very similar to fate of people talked about who refused and rejected the 3 messengers earlier in the surah
  • Allah letting us know that these people as well will suffer the same fate
  • destroyed by one sound, arguing about what is clear and obvious
  • this is result of their own actions
  • this concludes the second passage of this surah
  • next passage will be talking about the life in the hereafter

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