Tafseer Surah Yaseen 36-40


  • in previous ayah we started a new passage
  • this passage is the central theme and the focus is tauheed
  • quranic method in teaching tauheed – introducing Allah in very elementary method, like teaching a child about Allah
  • look at the beauty around you and obviously it points you in that there is no logical conclusion that there is no God but Allah and this should lead us to be grateful towards Him and worship Him


Ayat 36

Sahih International
Exalted is He who created all pairs – from what the earth grows and from themselves and from that which they do not know.
  • subh7aan  سُبحَان – exclamation of the perfection of Allah
  • comes from tasbeeh7 تَسبِيح
  • sub7haan – how amazingly flawless
  • root of this word at ene of ayah 40, saba7ha  سَبَحَ – to swim
  • so sabbih7i  سَبِّحِ  comes from root word meaning ‘to swim’
  • there is a process in Arabic language that sometimes a word that is derived/conjugation from root spins off into its own independent meaning
  • tasbee7h تَسبِيح  is one of those words, it takes a life of its own, it means to praise, glorify Allah, to speak of Allah’s perfection
  • but there is a logical connection as well
  • sabah7a – in classical Arabic it means to swim with head above the water
  • sub7haana, tasbeeh7  سُبحَانَ، تَسبِيح – just like head is above the water when one swims, Allah is above imperfections, above His creations, beyond that
  • swimming is a very interesting action in sense that when person swims, he requires to remain afloat, steady, calculated regular movement, if person becomes stiff and stops moving, he’ll sink, and drown
  • praise of Allah spiritually keeps us spiritually afloat, otherwise we’ll be overtaken by absorbing things, shaitan, evil of our own souls, many things can drag us down
  • sahabah asked prophet saw asked “the ah7kaam, different obligations and acts of devotion are many, but tell me something I can do that will constantly keep me connected to Allah.” prophet saw told him “constantly remain engaged in remembrance of Allah. Keep your tongue wet with remembrance of Allah.”
  • sometimes we take this as a very formal way of doing dhikr where you sit and do tasbeeh7
  • but no, a believer day in and day out he remains in touch with Allah
  • when something good happens to muslims he says alhamdulillah
  • sees something fascinating he says subhanallah
  • he sees something pleasing to him or amazing he says mashaallah
  • he says inshaallah when he wants to do something tomorrow
  • somebody dies, or he loses something, or tragedy happens he says inna lillaahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’oon or la hawla wa laa quwwata illa billaah
  • in society social circles, people find it awkward when they see someone always saying these things
  • but this is how the believer talks
  • name of Allah is constantly on his tongue
  • rather than the unfortunate things we say today
  • sometimes in these situations people say unfortunate things, they see something amazing they curse, etc
  • better that Allah’s names is mentioned
  • azwaaj   ازوَاج- pairs
  • He created pairs
  • kullahaa  كُلَّهَا – He created the pairs ALL of them
  • from things that grow from the earth
  • we see bitter/sweet,
  • in Texas, there are bluebonnets, see green grass and then patches of purple
  • same patch of grass, same soil, same rain but different colors
  • some things soft, hard, etc
  • tall, short, black, white, fat, thin, etc opposite
  • and from even those things they don’t even realize
  • slowly people continue to discover more and more
  • kullahaa كُلَّهَا- everything, night vs day, hot vs cold, north vs south, east vs west
  • things we don’t even know
  • how many things we have realized over time,
  • even atom when they split it they find opposing energies within it, proton, electrons
  • cross pollination a method of agriculture, even at time of prophet saw
  • increase abundance of harvest
Ayat 37
Sahih International
And a sign for them is the night. We remove from it [the light of] day, so they are [left] in darkness.
  • now Allah point some things specifically
  • naslakhu , salakha  نَسلَخُ، سَلَخَ- comes from root that means when you peel the skin of animal after slaughtering it, cutting it
  • we peel away from it(night) the day
  • the sun rises, the day covers the night
  • when sun sets, the daylight starts to recede, it gets less, darker and darker, as if it’s being peeled away till it becomes completely dark
  • all of a sudden they are in complete darkness
Ayat 38
Sahih International
And the sun runs [on course] toward its stopping point. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing.
  • the sun is moving for a set course that has been set for it
  • mustaqarra مُستَقَرَّ- when something has been fixed in a place, the permanent fixture
  • but this is talking about the life cycle of the sun, but why called mustaqar?
  • mustaqar مُستَقَر – a fixture, a fixed place for it
  • just like when you fix something in its place
  • even though the sun moves, we know all this from astronomy, but it’s as if it’s fixed because Allah has set it on its course, it cannot move away from its course
  •  al azeez العَزِيز- the one who is dominating, over powering, nothing can come out from its place, nothing can divert away from its set course and path
  • al ‘aleem العَلِيم – he knows everything, constantly, fully in knowledge of each and every single thing
  • if that thing would move from its place, Allah knows but He set it there and it will never move away from its place
Ayat 39
Sahih International
And the moon – We have determined for it phases, until it returns [appearing] like the old date stalk.
  • what is pair of sun? Moon
  • manaazil مَنَازِل- different stages, that;s the cycle, phases of the moon
  • ‘urjoonعُرجُون – refers to date stalk, palm, that when it was alive and abundant and fruitful, it would have dates hanging from it, it makes it curve and bend over
  • alqadeem القَدِيم – very very old
  • long after it stops giving fruit, it dies and dries up, lifeless, standing there in its curved shape like the crescent
  • moon goes through all its stages till it comes back to that original condition like that curved dead date stalk, the hilal that we know
  • Allah started talking about that which grows in earth but now He’s talking about the moon
  • but there is a correlation
  • you can see something, the beauty of something which Allah has created in the earth in the moon and vice versa
  • it’s all connected bec it’s all creation of Allah
  • no one can create such a universal, symmetrical, flawless creation where everything ties in together
  • day and night ave effect on that which grows from the earth
  • a system that Allah has created
Ayat 40
Sahih International
It is not allowable for the sun to reach the moon, nor does the night overtake the day, but each, in an orbit, is swimming.
  • the sun has its time and the moon has its time
  • not appropriate for sun to catch up for overtake the moon
  • the sun is the dominating force
  • we know that from what we see
  • the moon is pretty
  • but the sun – heat, we know it’s dominant
  • even astronomically, the sun is the center of the solar system, it’s powerful
  • but even as powerful as it is, it cannot overtake or catch up the moon
  • everything follows the order it has been given
  • likewise, it’s not appropriate for the night to precede the day
  • saabiq سَابِق    – not only leave it behind, but run away from it, like night become crazy and gets out of control and speed ahead and becomes night all the time
  • this is from blessing of Allah that He has set this system in place
  • surah qasas –
    Sahih International

    Say, “Have you considered: if Allah should make for you the night continuous until the Day of Resurrection, what deity other than Allah could bring you light? Then will you not hear?”

    Sahih International

    Say, “Have you considered: if Allah should make for you the day continuous until the Day of Resurrection, what deity other than Allah could bring you a night in which you may rest? Then will you not see?”

  • don’t you see, understand and realize, that if alah was t make it night forever, who could ever bring the day back to you? don’t you hear?
  • what if it was day forever, …
  • Allah summarizes all this, wa kullun fi falakin yasbah7oon
  • falak فَلَك – pattern, system, orbit, path
  • comes from word which refers to ships
  • when ships sail in ocean it has a path
  • talking about set path or course
  • each and every single thing
  • mudhaari’  مُضَارِع- ‘in present and  future tense form
  • they’re constantly swimming (regular constant motion) in their set course just like you see a ship sailing in waiter flowing very smoothly and consistently along on its course
Spiritual Reflection:
  • previous passage we talked about (spiritually speaking) the person whose heart had died and Allah revived it through iman and it brought a lot of good to the community and society just like we’ve seen in the past
  • sometimes it took only one person to change the course of entire nation
  • now Allah saying, “Look they are pairs”
  • there is this dunya but it has an opposite as well : akhirah, life of hereafter
  • wal aakhiratu khayrun wa abqa وَلََأخِرَة خَير وَ ابقَى – the akhirah is better and longer lasting
  • the prophet saw said, “the life of this world is sweet, green (BLING, attractive).”
  • sweet things spoil faster than bitter things
  • even though this dunya is very sweet at first taste, it spoils very quickly
  • green, lush, but reality of this green outside, it’s going to start dying, shrivel up, get yellow in winter
  • but akhirah, khayrun wa abqaa خَير وَ ابقَى
  • Allah telling us there is a pair for everything
  • work for that akhirah
  • this dunya is where you plant the seed for the akhirah, you harvest over there
  • just as there is iman there is kufr
  • khayr(good) vs sharr(evil)
  • haqq (truth) vs baatil (falsehood)
  • shukr(gratefulness) vs ghufraan (ingratitude)
  • humility vs arrogance
  • pairs of all of these things and we have to keep constantly pick the right choice
  • strive for the better option
  • surah kahf : فَمَن شَاء فَليُؤمِن وَ مَن شَاء فَليَكفُر
  • Allah has given you the faculties, capacity, it’s your choice to choose what
  • spiritually there are pairs as well
  • we have to make that choice
  • the next thing Allah points out
  • look at darkness around us, it’s easy to take it for granted when you’re born and raised Muslims
  • but look around sometimes, look at darkness in people’s lives, look at pain that kufr(disbelief, disconnect from Allah) brings, lack of peace and tranquility
  • the noor, guidance, light, just like Allah can peel away the day, Allah can peel away that guidance as well from somebody and then they’re left wandering about in the darkness
  • many examples of this Allah gives in Quran
  • look at something as beautiful as the sun, look at how it doesn’t divert away, how obedient it is, oh human being why can’t you be like that?
  • look at moon going through stages and cycles, look at how human being goes through stages and cycles
  • in womb, baby, roll over, crawls, walks, talk, becomes more independent, grows, learns, physically mature, emotionally mature, psychologically mature then he gets married, has children, they have children, then he gets gray, gets old, becomes crippled, he dies and he leaves his footprints back into the earth
  • just like that date palm that grows old, no more benefit
  • we also become like that if we live old enough
  • deficient, no benefit to anyone
  • when moon is in middle of its cycle, it’s big, bright, glorious, most beautiful thing in the sky
  • this man is like that once upon a time
  • but Allah says now he has to return back
  • just like the moon goes through the cycle, you will also go through that cycle, you’re going trough it
  • realize it, you have the opportunity right now, if you have money, health, intelligence, use it to please Allah
  • hadith : value, make the most of 5 things before 5 (it’s a long hadith though) wealth, youth, energy, health, life
  • use these things, make the most of them before you can’t use them anymore
  • nothing will break this cycle of Allah
  • this is a sunnah of Allah that has passed before, it’s gone on for centuries, millennium and you’ll never find a change or something altered or changing in the sunnah of Allah that He has set in His creation
  • just like sun can’t overtake the moon, the night can’t run away from the day,  human beings can’t run away from the cycle
  • when that fixed appointment comes for us to leave the world we can’t bring it a second before nor will we be able to gain an extra minute or second
  • no soul dies until they have completely the sustenance Allah has sent down
  • you can’t leave this world if you have one breath remaining and you can’t take an extra breath
  • our course is fixed
  • the sooner we realize it the better we will be for it so we can make that better choice of that pair

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