Work = Play

Here we go again. A need for a second hiatus. My life is a whirlwind, alhamdulillah. Due to circumstances, I’ve landed myself in a slew of assigned articles, and I’m finding myself deep in the abyss of ‘Get Me Outta Here!’. I need a break from writing because I’m having trouble juggling everything that I have ambitiously shouldered. So, in between my scramble for meeting deadlines, continuous reading to the point of overusing the blessing of sight, and fretting over my worn out parenting patience, I’ve taken to ‘documenting’ some of my published articles via photography, as crazy as that sounds.

Ahh…that felt good. Ok, I’m done playing around. Recess over. Back to work. I mean…err…I guess work =/ play at this point.


6 thoughts on “Work = Play

  1. Salamualaikum,

    today I read your article in the “Sisters” from April and want to say that its a very beneficial article yazakiAllahu khair for your good work! I completely agree with you but often was alone with my opinion!

    Just want to say /hello/salamulaikum and barakallahu fiki!

    Umm Mouad

    • waalaikumsalam umm Mouad,
      jazakillah khair for dropping by. Do you mean the Praise article? Btw, I dropped by your blog mashaallah! I LOVE your handiwork! My daughters love to crochet, I’m going to show them yr blog. 😀

  2. salamualaikum Juli!
    thank YOu so much;) and yes sorry I mean the “Patterns of praise” article.)hope you daughter will enjoy some of my crochet ideas! can I contact you anywhere (directly)?
    warmly and salamualaikum

  3. salamualaikum;)
    if you have any time, please contact me:
    I am working on a book (german language) and would love to share an article from you. if you´re intereseted just send me an email!
    yazakiallahu khair!


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