When Aliens Fall In Love

I was asked if I have read Men Are from Mars and Women are From Venus and if I could do a book review of it. Believing I had read it, since it was covered in Fiqh of Love, and I vaguely remember reading one of the Mars and Venus books by John Gray, I said yes, and I said, “I have to read it again, but since I already read it, it should be quick.”

What was I thinking?! I have a towering stack of books to read and about 3 or more articles to write, and I said ‘yes’?! My husband is already saying that I’m overworking, and I’d like to believe that I work harder if not as hard, as someone pursuing a doctorate, especially seeing that I’m not getting a degree in the end. However, writing is in my blood. Even if I grumble over it, feel overwhelm by it, I still pursue it. Not for money, not for certification, not for fame, and definitely not for martyrdom. What do I love about it? I love it when I am done. Now, I can appreciate what my eldest daughter says when she expresses her motivation in doing things; “I like to see them done.” Guess you could say I”m one of those who jump for joy every time she crosses items off her To Do list. I cross one item off and add two more. That’s me.

So, since the deadline cornered me into a very short period of time where I have to juggle home-making, homeschooling, studying, and writing, I decided to check out the used bookstore for the darned book, because the only available copy in the local library was checked out. And guess what? I found it on the $1 cart outside the store! Grabbed it I did, and paid for it I completely did not. I had one US dollar and one Malaysian ringgit in my wallet. With tax, it cost $1.08. So as I rummaged in my purse, I said to the cashier,

“This is going to be ridiculous but I’m going to have to use my card for this.”

She was about to swipe my card when one of the store’s worker chimed in,

“Oh, I have some change. Here’s 8 cents,” and gave them to the cashier, who said to me,

“Ok, Ben’s bailing you out.”

With utter gratitude, I left the store with the book paid not completely by me. All for a book review I had agreed to do because I believed I had read the book and that ‘it should be quick’.

Quick indeed it was, except, I hadn’t read the book. I thought I did, but I hadn’t, so I read it. Yes, quickly. Most of the stuff we already covered in Fiqh of Love anyway, so that helped me sail through it. Just when I was bombarded with bursts of connection from synapse to synapse while reading the book, I remembered that the word limit was 300 tops. Bummer! So I thought to myself,

The longer version’s going on the blog.

I just finished the short version, and have gladly submitted it. But the long version has yet to be done. Instead, I decided to blog about it. Like I said, I cross one item off and add two more. That’s me.


3 thoughts on “When Aliens Fall In Love

  1. Assalamu`alaikum, noticed your absence in our group. I was thinking, after seeing your pic of your family outing recently, to ask you about the niqaab, if you don’t mind. I hope everything is well.

  2. waalaikumsalam Ainil,
    I sent you an email …did you get it? to your email acc you used to comment on this post. everything is well except for 1001 things to do and 2 weeks+ of lost sleep I still have to make up πŸ˜€

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