Beauty In Paradise

Being married to someone whose area is personal finance, I find myself being bombarded with money-saving lessons (some of which I try to elude) and free samples. Recently, a free sample of CoverGirl Natureluxe liquid silk foundation arrived in our mailbox. An image of the model graced the outer cover of the card-like holder of the sample. The sample eventually made its way to my bathroom vanity.

As I picked up my toothbrush, the pastel green card caught my eye. The model was face down on the counter. I flipped it right side up. I was busy scrutinizing her face when my 13 year old daughter came by and remarked,

“What are you doing?”

“Her lips are beautiful,” I said, and put it back on the counter, face down.

Days later, I found her face up on the counter. She no longer looked the same. One of her front tooth had turned black, her cheeks had scar lines, her eyebrows had turned bushy and prominently black and so had her eyelashes. She had also grown a thin but curvy mustache with perky ends.

I felt somewhat sorry for her. No, seriously. But, I have to admit, it was tickling as well. Okay, maybe more than a tickle. It was hilarious.

At first, I thought the personal finance man did it, but later, it turned out that the culprit was my 13 year-old daughter.

“Even after I did that to her, she still looked pretty,” she said, somewhat grudgingly.

I agreed, with a response,

“Can you imagine, in Jannah, people will be even more beautiful than that.”

“I can’t imagine that,” replied my daughter.

“I know.”

Then we started talking about how the Malays would describe a very beautiful woman; when she drinks, you could see the water flow down her throat. Don’t ask me how or why. Malays, like other cultures I know of, are somewhat obsessed with fair and flawless skin.

See-through beautiful Malay damsel aside, this conversation brought me to an array of thoughts of paradise. It is something no eyes have ever seen and no ears have ever heard and no minds could ever imagine. Whatever descriptions Allah has provided us with as motivation are from what we already are exposed to in this world.

We see glimpses of these already. Look at landscape designs. Ponds, fountains, flowing water over rocks, lush greenery, splashes of colors from carefully picked flowers arranged in such ways as to please the eyesight. This is what of man has always strove to achieve. Man is trying create paradise on earth. It’s amazing how we have a universal concept of what paradise would look like even though not everyone reads the Quran.

What man designs are usually based on what Allah has created on this earth. Allah has created inferior similitudes of paradise and hell on earth, to give us an idea of what He has in store for us in the eternal life. The beauty of nature beseech even the most cooped up indoor person. There is a reason breathtaking is used to describe sceneries. They do take our breath away. They leave us speechless. They leave us in silent wonder.

So does human beauty. The flawless skin, the perfectly arched and tapered eyebrows, the symmetrical budding of the upper lip, the smooth firm bridge of the nose. This is only on earth. In paradise, we cannot imagine how it can be even  better. Yet Allah has told us so. It will be even much better than this. Subhaanallah. Glorified is He from what they have attributed to Him of sons, daughters, partners. Subhaanallah. He who has created all this and more is in no need of sons, daughters, and partners. We are the ones in needs of these, and due to limited understanding, some of us have likened God to our imperfect earthly selves. What an atrocity.

The beautiful-lipped CoverGirl maiden is now gone with the rest of our weekly trash that was picked up this morning. I can’t wait for more free samples to fill our mailbox. You never know what thoughts of Allah such free samples may lead to.

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