I am back in the writing business, for now, and I am going crazy over the onslaught of soon-to-be-due articles. I was asked to write one on Serunding, which was one of the topics I had proposed. And because they couldn’t find a good photo of it, they asked me if I could take a photo of it for the magazine. Thus began my mini panic mixed with excitement. I love food photography, and after getting pointers from my mother, I love it even more. I can see what she is getting at when she critiqued my food photos.

So after this Serunding was done, I set out to take a photo of it. The sister had told me to not have too much clutter in the background unless it was intentional. I decided to go with the woven mat my MIL had given us when we were in Malaysia. Serunding is a Malay food item. The tikar is a great background.

I actually took this photo in my room because the only place where I got the sun rays was a corner in my room. It was after Asr, close to Maghrib. I remember my mother had told me that the best time to take food photos so you get good lighting it around 10  am or late afternoon. She mentioned late afternoon to be her preference because the light is softer and it brings up wonderful texture of the food.

So I set the ramekin filled to the top with light fluffy Serunding and got the butter spoon because of its scalloped edge. I wish I had mound of white rice to scatter the Serunding on, but I was already exhausted from making the Serunding, and didn’t want to go through the bother of preparing yet another food item to pair it with. So I just grabbed the bread slices we had. It just had to do.

After taking these shots and sending them to the sister in charge of images for the magazine, I began to worry. The lighting looked good to me, as per my mother’s preference, but as I looked at professional food photos, I noticed that the lighting is usually brighter. So, while waiting for the sister to reply, I anticipated having to take the photos again, and just braced myself for it.

Alhamdulilah when she replied, it was all positive except for some digital adjustments she had to make, but that which didn’t require me to retake the photos. So, that issue which should have this article is not out yet, and I don’t exactly know which issue it will be out in. Guess I’ll just wait then.



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