Ramadhan Tafseer Series: Parenting Lesson from Story of Maryam

Lessons from ayaat from surah Aali Imran:

  • What should be the focus of the parent when they are expecting a child ?
  • What should be the focus of parents when nurturing and raising this child ?
  • Maryam has a noble character and qualities. She’s a noble and important figure. Her name has been permanently attached to Isa. Isa a.s. is the only prophet whose name is attached to his mother.
  • The story goes back not only to Isa, but all the way to Maryam’s birth.
  • mu7harrarah = free;  scholars said this means free of any worldly obligations, expectations, materially and worldly, but rather, the child will be solely dedicated to service of Allah.
  • Maryam’s mother said, “My intention for this child is first and foremost to serve the deen of Allah.”
  • Look at her intention, a very noble intention. It’s something that is very difficult to say. By saying this, a parent is saying that she doesn’t want anything of this child except that it serves Allah and the deen. When parents have that type of focus and that  kind of perspective you’ll see the results of it.
  • The ayaat go on and talk about when she did give birth, she ended up giving birth to a daughter. This complicated the situation. Even Allah says a boy is not the same as a girl. The rules and situation are different.
  • But the parents of Maryam didn’t lose their focus. They made the intentionand  they were going to go through with it. How? They didn’t know but they left it to Allah.
  • Maryam is a beautiful name : a worshipping woman (in their original language)
  • The name itself was inclined towards devotion to allah. We should name our children after great personalities of the religion, great men and women who have acomplished great things. It gives them something to aspire to.
  • They even asked Allah to also protect the offspring of Maryam. And Allah lovingly accepts it.
  • Allah raised her in a most beautiful manner. Allah raised her just as the parents intended.
  • We as parents have a major role, we impact the way our children grow up. Parents need to be properly focused before hand. They need to understand what they’re doing beforehand.
  • As for Maryam, Allah put her in the care of Zakariyya, a prophet.
  • When parents make good intention and raise their children properly, Allah gives avenue for her to learn directly from a prophet. What better mentor can there be?
  • When the foundation is solid, everything on that foundation is strong.
  • Look at Maryam’s relationship with her Creator that even her mentor is learning from her; a prophet learning from her.
  • Zakariyya saw her eating some fruits not from that season and time and place. He asked her, “Where did you get this from?” She responded “Allah gave it to me.”
  • “Teacher, why does this confuse you? Allah can give however He wants.”
  • Zakariyya had a situation, he was very old, his wife was old and he didn’t have children, and he badly wanted children.  At Maryam’s response, he realized, that Allah is not bound by restrictions, so he made dua right there and then. Rabbana hablana min zhurriyatan Ttayyibah.
  • The good news came to him from Allah while he was still standing there making his dua. Immediately his dua was answered, “His name will be Yahya and he will be a messenger just like you.”
  • This is all connecting back to Maryam.
  • When parents have that intention, look at the results.
  • What gets in our ways ? We’re concerned a lot of times about their financial future. Shaytaan right away scares you from poverty.
  • Allah has purified Maryam and made her superior to all the women in the entire world. Allah is annoucning in the Quran that she has been chosen over all the women in the entire world.
  • Until today Maryam’s name is preserved in the Quran. This is the result. Now we are honored to name our children Maryam because we want them to be like her.
  • She was the bearer of the miraculous conception and birth of Isa a.s; such great honor and distinction.
  • What type of goals do we set for ourselves and for our children?
  • Do we communicate these goals to them?
  • We shouldn’t underestimate what our women and girls can do for our religion.
  • With Maryam, all odds were working against her but she ended up serving the deen in such a legendary way. We should also teach them just like we teach our boys.

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