This caught my attention this morning, as I flipped through the April 2008 issue of Reader’s Digest from the back.

It’s scary. May Allah protect us from the harms of it.

What is scary to me is the fact that doctors may not be aware of these and prescribe the drugs to their patients sincerely assuring them that the drugs are safe. Sloppy recordkeeping on the part of the FDA is also very troubling.

I think of Baby Z and all the medicines he was prescribed with recently. I cringe.

One Drug Many Tragedies.

We are in an era (or maybe it has always been that way) where we jump for joy when a ‘cure’ has been discovered. We have many more new diseases cropping up, maybe also due to the gain we get in technological advances, and thus we require ‘cures’.

You really never know how your body will react to a drug that is proven to be ‘safe’, and by this I mean one that has passed stringent tests. In emergency situations, I suppose you can’t do much, but when you have other options…

I have this habit of flipping over the paper that usually accompanies prescribed medicines, and yes, I even read the multiply folded inserts usually packed together with creams, ointment tubes.

Many a times I have ended up abandoning taking the prescribed medicines after reading the warnings. Baby Z’s allergist sense this hesitance in me and he addresses it outright. I am one to argue with him, because obviously he knows more about this matter than I do, but my gut feelings pervade my entire being with regard to this. At times I do think,

Arghh! I’m too eccentric. Other people are fine with this.

And I loosen my stance, but then when I do, I come across articles, news, findings that justify my original stance, my raw gut feelings.

I have this ridiculous phobia of sharks (after a visit to the Universal Studio at age 8), and I have nightmares about them. Not recurring ones, but let’s just say my imagination is still that of a child. When this movie came out about a shark who has intelligence and actually pursues human victims (no, not Jaws), i said,

“Aha! They made a movie of my nightmares!”

Unfortunately though, now, the sharks are in danger of extinction. We can probably thank Jaws for that, huh.

Thank God this dunya is just temporary.


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