A Series of Sweet Indulgence – IV



Loss of wealth.

Loss of lives.

Loss of fruits.

Of five things Allah says we will surely be tested on in this life.

Some people have so much wealth they live in fear of it all being taken away. Some people are afflicted with fear of being harmed by human, animal or jinn. Some people fear the break up of family. Some fear infidelity. So many fear factors milling about.

While we are strolling the supermarket aisles trying to decide whether we should buy the cage free eggs or the more expensive organic eggs, other people are starving, having to rummage in the garbage for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And here I am being too lazy to cook for my family.

In the declining economical situation, some people lose their jobs while others ace that interview and land themselves a brand new job. Allah tests some with loss and others with gain. Yes, that new job is also a test. But we don’t normally see it that way. In this ayah, Allah puts it in the way we always view it; loss of wealth.The Great Depression. People were driven to suicide.

Death of a loved one. Death of a child in the womb. Death of a child via horrible means. Death of parents. Death of a spouse. What  cataclysmic word that is; death.  Something that a living human being has to face either on his person or around him. Either way, the effects and tests arising from it can be quite devastating.

Drought. The Dust Bowl. Flood. Crops wiped off the face of the earth. Our means of subsistence taken away, just like that. Talk about cataclysmic.

We will surely be tested, and Allah uses this lam that means ‘definitely’. No running away from it. Shows us just how incapable we are, huh? We can’t even control what happens to us, despite fantasies and dreams of human beings defying ‘Mother Nature’ depicted in movies with the ‘Armageddon’ theme.

So, no question about it. We will be tested. It’s just a matter of when, and what kind of test. And herein comes the second part of the verse.

Glad tidings to the patient, who when struck with calamity, says,

Inna lillaahi wainna ilaihi raaji’oon.

Indeed to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return.

And this is upon the first blow of the calamity, not after wailing, blaming others, cursing others, and trying to commit suicide.

And one of the duas that really touched my heart, one that I have immersed myself in, is the dua of Umm Salaamah, when she faced the test of death; the death of her beloved husband.

Allahuma’ jurnee fee muSseebati wakhluflee khairun minhaa

Oh Allah, recompense me for my calamity and replace it for me with something better.

And she did indeed get something better in replacement of her husband; marriage to the prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam.

As for me, what is apparent to the replacement of Baby J, is maybe Baby Zoa, but that is only what I can see, and that may not even be all of it or might not even be it. Only Allah knows. It may not even be tangible. And in that lies the beauty of it all.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. In the depths of my heart, I hope that the khairun minhaa (something better than it) is baytul 7hamd (the house of praise).That’s way better, isn’t it?

Abu Sinan said: I buried my son Sinan and Abu Talhah al-Khulaani was sitting at the graveside. When I wanted to leave, he took my hand and said, “Shall I not give you some glad tidings, O Abu Sinan?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Al-Dahhaak ibn ‘Abd al-Rahmaan ibn ‘Arzab narrated to me from Abu Moosa al-Ash’ari that the Messenger of Allah said: “When someone’s child dies, Allah says to His angels, ‘You have taken the child of My slave.’ They say, ‘Yes.’ He says, ‘You have taken the apple of his eye.’ They say, ‘Yes.’ He says, ‘What did My slave say?’ They say, ‘He praised you and said “Innaa lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon (Verily to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return).’ Allah says, ‘Then build for My slave a house in Paradise and call it the house of praise.’” [Tirmidhi]


6 thoughts on “A Series of Sweet Indulgence – IV

  1. Salamualaikum Juli.

    Jazakillahkhair for sharing this. It is so helpful knowing that someone understands exactly what I’m going through. I hope our sons keep each other company until we get to meet them.

  2. Thanks Juli… Indeed a huge reminder for all of us. We are all never in control of anything, but strive our best towards the path of a true ‘Abd.

  3. Jazaak Allah khayran katheerah. Plz pray for my husband to find a job soon… his last day on the current job will be Jan 31. We don’t even know whether to set up the crib or not.

  4. All of this just goes to show how all of us have our unique tests. And subhaanAllah, whether we realize it at the time or not, He does indeed give us the strength to deal with them. On the days when I am upset, I just remind myself abt all that He has given me ie. 23 yrs of pure comfort on this Earth, so what is a few days/months/years of tribulations when compared to that? May these become a means for us to gain Jannah by becoming closer to Allah. It’s all about perspective.

  5. ameen. i ditto the unique tests. Allah has customized the tests for each and everyone of us and He will not burden a soul beyond what it can bear. people have different strengths and weaknesses and the tests given are measured out to each individual. When r u due? don’t worry, the rizq has already been written. We just need to continue our efforts, make dua and hv tawakkul. love ya

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