A Series of Sweet Indulgence – III

And I promise, this is the last for tonight! I had resolved to sleep early tonight, but that resolution has gone to the dogs.

wa daaniyatan alayhim zdhilaaluhaa wazdhullilat quTtoofuhaa tazdhleela.

For the longest time I had trouble remembering that this verse is supposed to come after the verse before it. Even as I pore over the translation, I can’t quite master the meaning since I have not yet learned the roots of most of the words here, but the translation (for now) is enough to make me stop and imagine this scenario in Jannah.

It immediately brings to mind the sweaty prodding one has to go through in order to get one’s hands at some high dangling fruits. I’m talking about Malaysian fruits such as Rambutan, and … (my poor excuse – I haven’t been back for so long, I don’t quite remember what fruits hang so high that we have to use these long poles armed with metal hooks at the end to pry the bunches of fruits off the branches). It’s hard work. You can strain your neck from looking way up high and at the same time maneuver that arduously long pole up and down, left and right just right so the hook will wrap itself around the main stem of a bunch of dangling fruits, and all you have to do is give it a firm tug. If you’re lucky, you may be rewarded with a scattering of fruits on the ground. If not, you have to try again.

I can’t wait until we study this verse and get into word analysis and tafseer. For now though, the understanding is that, we don’t have to do the maneuver and tug in Jannah. The fruits will lower themselves willingly just within your reach. How cool is that? Spared from neck strain, sweaty underarms, and measly amounts of fruits which may turn out rotten or not yet ripe. Ahhh…something to look forward to…

And true to my promise, I am leaving this darned computer and retiring to bed. But before I go, I have to say that this is so far my most ever favoritest (grammar police please stay away) interior decor item (that’s what I call them), courtesy of my mother’s photography skills. She had deleted this photo, so I was only able to get it from her blog, thus the resolution was not that high. That forced me to play around with it and oil painting was the perfect choice for that. Changed the color saturation, and everything was set. It also reminds me of my grandfather, my mother’s father, whom I adored. he was an art teacher, and I still can recall him guiding me with watercolor painting when I visited him during my childhood. All artistic abilities I have to honestly attribute to my mother’s side of the family. Apparently, artistic ability runs deep and dominant throughout generations, as I see them also manifested in my progeny. Subhanallah.

Such blessings, Alhamdulillah. May we use these abilities in His cause. Ameen.

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