A Series of Sweet Indulgence – II

I love my mother for sharing her beautifully taken photos with me, upon my request. And I love my mother because she is my mother.

I will later bore you with how all this started, inshaallah, but for now, I will let my train of thought take over.

The Arabic word, birr is what is translated as righteousness/reward in this verse. Birr is from the word barr, which means land. The land is pregnant with a variety of flora and fauna, and so the word birr, sometimes translated as righteousness, other times translated as reward, depending on the context of the verse, carries with it a plethora of good.

In this ayah, from what I understand, it can mean either one. But that is not what hooks me about this verse. The last part of it reels me in like a fascinated wide-eyed fish.

‘of that which you love’.

Time. Children. Health. Wealth. Husband. Parents. Those little cute whimsical bowls you bought because they were on sale and you couldn’t resist their pastel colors. Those fabrics you thought would look great as curtains you have yet to make.

Selflessness. Well-wishing. Sharing. Spreading the good. This is what Islam is about. You will never attain righteousness until you spend of that which you love, be it your money, your time, your talent, your skill in the way of Allah. You will never attain the reward until you spend of that which you love, be it your health, your family in the way of Allah.

How can one spend one’s family? Using family time in the way of Allah can be one way. A weekend that is usually spent going for a family picnic is spent attending a community event instead, such as a fundraising event for a new masjid.

How to use one’s skill/talent? If you are tech savvy, spend some time and skill helping build a dawah website or anything of the like.

Don’t limit yourselves to those examples. My brain is fried. Those are the ones I can come up with for now.

Community service. Giving and sharing. The good, the blessings, these are all supposed to be shared with everyone. Don’t hoard those candies. Share them. Spread the sweets.


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