Much Attention Over Food Blogging

Dianne Jacob‘s article titled The New Wave of Food Blogs got me thinking as to why I went about participating in Joy Luck Kitchen. It started out in the comments section of one of my Facebook photo between myself and a couple of other sisters. I have been obsessed with taking pictures of my food ever since I plunged into the world of baking and cake decorating, and once I owned a digital camera, it became even more of an obsession. Alongside with uploading photos of my children, I would also upload photos of food.

My digital camera has a ‘food’ feature, which I used to use, but after looking at a friend’s food photos (Shida of Healthy Kitchen Smells Fresh), over which I exclaimed in amazement at the professionalim, I have kicked up my food photography skills up a few notches. Stumbling upon an article on Food Photography on Digital Photography School helped too, though this happened a lot later after I had kicked it up a few notches. The tip that Shida shared with me was; lighting, natural light. And I devoured that advice like a kid devours candy, and it has been sending me on food photoshoot rushes every time I prop up my food in the kitchen, much to the kids’ groans and rolled eyes.

“Oh no…can’t we just eat a little of it?” they would beg, as I shoo them off my ‘set’, while I shift position to try and get the perfect lighting, angle, and level.

Last night, I made sweet sour chicken, and it was picture perfect. However, the camera’s battery was low, much to the kids’ relief, for they had been eyeing the dish ever since it started sizzling and simmering in its glossy sauce on the stove.

I’ll just to make it again next time, I thought to myself. I was hungry too. It had been a long day.

The idea of starting a joint food blog was spawned in the back and forth discussion on Facebook, and because the participants of that conversations are all fairly passionate cooks, we agreed to it immediately. Blogspot was our first choice because it allows more options in terms of widgets. The only thing I regret about it is that it doesn’t have a static page, though I did find a tutorial on making one with blogger. Then came the template, and almost immediately, we all agreed with the food blog template from Leelou Blogs. The name, ahhh…the name for the blog sparked a brainstorming of sorts, and tedious ‘checking for availability’ sessions, late into the night. After brainstorming a long list of names, one of us came up with the perfect name that perfectly represents the core theme of our joint venture. Joy Luck Kitchen. We refer to is lovingly as JLK.

It began as a fun venture, but the more I dabbled into it, the more pulled I am into the prospect of venturing into food writing. I would never have read about recipe writing, as that is one part I detest the most about food blogging. I even told the members of JLK that I would only post food photos for a while because I was too lazy to write up the recipes, but the perfectionist in me ended up providing recipes too. Before I knew it, I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was busy clicking away and filling the memory chip on my camera with duplicates of the same food item taken from different angles, level, and lighting. Before I knew it, it made sense to create a folder labeled Food 2008 in which I could store my uploaded food photos for easy retrieval and search. Before I knew it, I had downloaded Photoscape so I could ‘mark’ my food photos. Before I knew it, I have become one of the many food bloggers in the blogosphere. And being me, I then thought about creating my own personal food blog, in which I can write posts that do not necessarily have recipes, but like I mentioned in a previous post, it might not be a wise thing to do, considering I am already juggling several blogs, not to mention four children and a husband.

So here I am, a happy clicking member of Joy Luck Kitchen, delving into the art of food writing, and what do I realize? I realize, for sure, that my blogged recipes so far, do not really abide by the do’s and don’ts of recipe writing. That puts me to shame. On the other hand, the fact that recipes should have serving sizes, makes me think of my mother’s food blog, Cherry on a Cake, in which she writes wonderful headnotes, well thought out recipes, and tips that I really love and look forward to reading each time she posts a recipe.

Just a few days ago, I was on Bakerella, and browses and clicks brought me to her TV appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. I guess food blogging, and for that matter maybe, blogging in general, is changing and evolving our ever changing world of public media. From TV shows to books,  blogging is really making deep visible footprints, alright.


One thought on “Much Attention Over Food Blogging

  1. mashaa Allah, what an insightful article! I’ve actually been looking for bakerella’s martha stewart appearance after spending some time on her blog over the span of one week.

    I was thinking today whilst responding to an email from a dear friend, I don’t remember being this passionate about something so far from anything I had ever thought of.. me.. cooking? nahh! But surely, it is an addiction I welcome and will gladly nourish 🙂

    Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking about some of the baking/cake decorating supplies you mentioned and I found a store not far from me where I can pick them up: I can’t wait to pay a visit!

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