Let’s Talk Food!

That is the name of my new ‘food blog’ which is still under wraps as of now. When I plan to unveil it? Well, seeing how I’m jumping from one interest to another with utter gluttony, maybe it’s wise to say, “Never.”

Nevertheless, I present my current writing interest: Food Writing. Joy Luck Kitchen spurred this interest, and I realized that a lot of my memories (memoir writing is also another one of my writing interest) are immersed in food I grew up eating, and different ethnic food I continue to be exposed to, thanks to living among a rich Muslim community of varied cultural backgrounds.

So, like I do for all my cropping interests, I looked into it. Google is my tool. I noticed that everytime I google Food Writing, Pamela White comes up. I looked for books too at the local library, and I have one book being held for me right now. I also looked for online courses, and while I can feel my salivary glands oozing with excitement as my eyes rapidly scan the course title and description, my brain sends a STOP signal when my eyes land upon the course cost. Too expensive. I’m dreaming of winning $500 – $1000 from one of the annual contests, and some classes would completely gobble up (no pun intended) that prize money if I ever am to win (which continues to be my dream for now).

Here is a list of online food writing classes for 2009 I stumbled upon, in order of affordability:

Eat, Drink and Make Money – 10 week course for $135 begins January 5

Food Writing: The Secret Recipe to Success – 10 weeks for $310 begins February 9

Recipe Writing – 4 weeks for $350 begins February 4

Food Writing Boot Camp – 8 weeks for $499 begins January 12

Introduction to Food Writing – 6 weeks for $500 begins January 12

Realistically, I am nowhere close to being financially able to take any of these classes, except that Pamela White’s Eat, Drink and Make Money seems to appeal to me the most, for its period and cost. I wonder if I can learn more about food writing the cheap way for now – reading up on it. Meanwhile, I guess it doesn’t hurt to continue rambling on Joy Luck Kitchen while I’m at it. Maybe, if I’m lucky, an editor might come across my food blog posts and hire me. Don’t laugh.


9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Food!

  1. πŸ˜€

    I laughed, but only because you said don’t laugh!


    I’m dying to buy baking supplies and new equipment… Kitchen Aid has a really nice looking mixer, but I’m nowhere close to affording that stuff. I’ll stick with the one-time-use cake trays and ramekins πŸ™‚

  2. LOL..oh i knooow!!! those baking supplies, tools, pans….i go crazy over them too…ahh but the kitchen aid…i would advice..save for it! they really are precious! i bought mine, at an outlet, refurbished thus cheaper, in 2000 and it’s still whirring feistily today alhamdulillah!

    as for cake pans…well if you’re saving for the kitchen aid yesh you can skimp on the tools and baking eq….but when you have saved enough thenn do go for the expensive cake pans…they are worth it. if you buy cheap ones they might not last that long..so better to buy the really good quality ones..don’t waste on muffin pans,,if you want to get goodcake pans..go for the round pans first..two of the different sizes…8, 9, 10 inch (i only have 1 10 in one, so when i bake two layers I have to wait until the one is cooled)…those are the basics…for chiffon, coffee cakes and some pound cakes, you will need the tube pan, also the bundt pan, but i would say the round pans (esp if you want todo cake decor) should be your first prio πŸ™‚ LOL can you tell I’m getting overexcited ! LOLOLOLOL

  3. Alhamdulillah, mum pretty much has all the needed baking materials thus I need not purchase any of my own. If only I can find the drive in me to actually kickstart the whole baking agenda instead of sitting on it. Haha~

  4. yup!! I bought a pound cake/chiffon tube cake pan last week… I’ll probably buy them gradually, like maybe a few per month. This weekend I’m gonna go out and buy a few circular cake pans inshaa Allah.

    I’m gonna save for the kitchen aid mixer… my goal is to buy it next month inshaa Allah… my hand mixer takes soo long and I get tired easily! especially if you have to whip eggs and sugar together forever πŸ˜› It let’s you multi task!

    This is too exciting Juli, I can barely contain it πŸ˜€

  5. and inshaa Allah when I do buy the mixer, I’m not sharing with my neighbours πŸ˜€

    My blender was a wedding gift and it was pretty expensive… sigh. (I speak of my blender as if it was a person, still mourning)

  6. LOL alhamdulillah the stand mixer will be too heave to be shared LOL

    ohhhh poor blender…i think i know how you feel. i think of my inanimate items that I love as people too lol

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