It’s November! Nano, Nano!

I nanoed last year. Shamefully, my 9 year old daughter wrote more words than I did. This year, we’re in a bit of a mess. We are about to be somewhat uprooted in early December, but maybe, maybe I can still nano this year. I actually forgot about this, and happened to check in and saw the WordPress update.

I’m seriously not a fiction writer. My new obsession is the group food blog ‘ Joy Luck Kitchen‘ , where I have been writing away joyfully, and it has distracted me from stress inducing situations. So should I really Nano this year? Or let my now 10 year old daughter nano away by herself?

Maybe if I nano on the blog, I’d keep it up? Hmm…

I still have an article to submit though…even though the kind editor offered me an extension.


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