Are We Beggars?

So, are we? Are we beggars? With respect to Allah, yes, we are beggars indeed, beggars of his forgiveness, mercy, and help among many other things. In Arabic, Urdu, and even Malay, the word faqeer means a beggar.

Supplication to Allah is considered an act of worship. In fact, throughout the QUran, the act of asking or invoking Allah is mentioned so many times with relation to an act o f worship. When we make du’aa (supplication), we are asking of Allah’s power to grant us what we want. When we do ask for something, the reality is, we don’t really know if what we’re asking is good for us.

Last night, as I told the kids to make their du’aa list, Juju remarked,

“We make du’aa but they never happen.”

I said to her,

“When you make du’aa, three things happen. One, Allah grants you what you asked for. Two, He doesn’t grant it, but he postpones it to a later time. Three, He doesn’t grant it at all, but he averts something bad away from you. So, when you make du’aa, you don’t lose anything, in fact, you get something. The worst you can get is aversion of the evil.”

Prophet Musa alahisalam made this du’aa when he was on the run after accidentally killing the Egyptian man in Egypt.

Rabbi innee lima anzalta ilayya min khairi faqeer

O my Lord! Truly I am in need of whatever good You Bestow on me. (AL-QASAS: 24)

He ran away to Madyan, with no money, no food, no anything, and in fear of being caught.He had been walking for days and had reached a new land, and didn’t know where he was headed. Being a Muhsin, he turned to Allah and asked only from Him. Immediately Allah sent His help. Prophet Musa alahisalam ran across his future wife, and thereby got a job, a family, a safe haven. Allah took care of him.

A lesson for us: when things seems impossible, don’t lose hope in Allah’s help, even when it seems as if it’s not coming. I have been witness to several occasions in my life, and others’ whereby Allah sent down His aid in impossible situations, and that is one thing I’m heavily counting on now in our current situation. Nevertheless, what I am asking Allah for might not be good for me, though right now, I see it as being good for me. If it is not good for me, Allah might not grant it, or postpone it. Whatever it is, the du’aa above should cover everything, by asking Allah for whatever good He can bestow on me.

So I beg Allah,

Rabee innee lima anzalta ilayya min khair faqeer. Ameen.


2 thoughts on “Are We Beggars?

  1. Assalaamu alaikum

    Found your blog through Marahm’s and I’m glad I did! Thank you for this lovely post masha’Allah – such a nice reminder at this time of year. Insha’Allah I will memories this little du’a – it really is a cover all! Yours, Umm Ibrahim

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