The Story of Adam

In the story of Adam in Surah Al Baqarah, Iblis is said to have been ordered to bow down to Adam along with the angels, but he refused, claiming that the fact that he was created from fire is more superior than someone who is created from clay. Thus the first sin was born: arrogance.

What was interesting to me was that it was mentioned that shaytaan didn’t even say he didn’t believe in Allah anymore, but immediately, he became of the disbelievers and earned Allah’s anger.

Thus we need to reflect on our actions. Do we always obey Allah? Do we exercise arrogance?

The difference between shaytaan and humans is that shaytaan persists in arrogance whereas humans repent. This can be seen when Adam fell down in humility to Allah after having eaten the forbidden fruit from the tree in Paradise. May we be of those who persist in repentance. Ameen.


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