Bustle, Bustle, Bustle!

Alhamdulillah, I already submitted my essay for the Mothering Across Culture anthology. Now that that’s done with, I have two small sections I am working on for the SISTERS winter issue. They had moved the dealine forward, which works well for me, since that frees me up to work on my prep for Ramadan, inshaallah.

I wanted to submit something to the Traveling Mamas anthology, and I have yet to finish my essay for the Mommy Bloggers anthology, but seeing as how I’m already short on sleep, I don’t think I should even attempt the essay for the Traveling Mamas, though in my heart, I’m really dying to.

I have to make dresses and skirts for the girls, which has been postponed long enough, and I have to continue prepping for Ramadan, clean the house, get ready for the Ramadan Certificate Course with AlHuda Institute, and the online Heart Serene, which I have decided not to let go. Torch Bearers is only less than 24 hours away, which means I have even less time to finish cooking for the whole weekend, but overall, I’m really excited about these classes, as I really feel that I need spiritual doses of Emanrush.

And if this is the last Ramadan we’ll be spending in Columbus, or the United States, I have to make sure I invite the sisters over on Eid and that will take more planning and preparations. So I guess I have my work cut out for me.


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