Writing for SISTERS

The SISTERS editorial team presented some topic assignments, and one of them led me to the topic of co-sleeping. As I read The Family Bed, with much interest, such that I actually resorted to reading on my bed, while Baby Zoa was sleeping, with only the night light as my source of light, I discovered very interesting bits of information. I had researched the topic on the spur of the moment via Google, but didn’t come up with much stuff. The book however, provided me with a lot of food for thought.

I began to think,

Hmm, freelancing isn’t that bad.

I never thought I would freelance as a writer, for it scares me to agree to write on a topic I know nothing about. But as I experienced the joy of learning something new, the thought of freelancing seems appealing.  One day before MIL was to leave, a package arrived for me from Darussalam. As soon as I opened it, three copies of brand new glossy SISTERS fell out.

Mashaallah! I couldn’t help continuously browsing through them. They look so professional, and the contents are just amazing. Usually you’d be annoyed by advertisements, but as Muslims living in a non Muslim country, you feel grateful to see advertisements of Muslim businesses selling things you have trouble finding in a non Muslim country. Walhamdulilah!

MIL took one of the issues that has my article ‘I want to be a full-time mother!’ in it, so I only have two left.
Holding the print version of the magazine really does make a huge difference. Even though I now am a proponent of soft copies in order to avoid paper clutter in the home, I make an exception to this magazine. I prefer the print version. Definitely!

One lesson I learned about writing for magazines: study the magazine you want to write for very thoroughly. I started out writing for SISTERS when they were looking for writers a little after the time of SISTERS’ inception. It was the first time I had to write up a writer CV, and I didn’t have much writing experience back then. Alhamdulillah they accepted me though. Now that I have the chance to carefully read the magazine and study it thoroughly, I have a clearer idea of proposing article ideas to the editorial team. So far, I have proposed ideas based on their themes, and some topics they wanted written, and expressed interest in topics they needed writers for.

I already completed two articles for their upcoming Winter Issue, and am waiting for the ‘go’ for my proposed article on co-sleeping for the Issue after that, and am contemplating hatching up some article ideas for the issue after that, now that I have a clearer idea of the magazine’s content. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty excited. I hope they give me a ‘go’ for the co-sleeping article.


2 thoughts on “Writing for SISTERS

  1. Asalaamu alaykum
    We love having you on our team Juli, so it is a win-win situation!

    Juli’s writing is reliable, you know she will deliver …
    Her willingness to do the research and her openness to feedback and criticism has made her a valuable part of our team.

    Love, hugs and salaams,

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