Studying Writing

In one of the email group I’m on, there was an email with links that I clicked on today. Pretty interesting stuff. I realized that I have been too busy finding time to write that I have abandoned the research/learning part of writing, which would include reading on the art of writing and reading about how other authors do it. Since I have an exam in about a week’s time, my reading time is crunched.

Yet, I still can’t resist picking up interesting books off the shelves at the library and checking them out only to stack them on the side table in my living room. I’ll get to those books somehow. I had tried reading while nursing, which was pretty manageable when Baby Zoa was smaller, but now that he can smack the book while nursing (just because he can), resulting in me holding the book away from him such that I am forced to read while holding the book way above my head, I have given up. I also tried reading while nursing him in a lying down position, and this seems to work when he’s sleepy, but it only works for light paperbacks, obviously.

Anyway, on to the links for today:

SCBWI L.A’s newsletter : Kite Tales

Unabridged: The Puzzle of Books


2 thoughts on “Studying Writing

  1. I hear you about the books on the table. I can never finish the two-week check out books from the library. They end up sitting on my desk, a thousand bookmarks in various places. I eventually end up buying some of them so I can finish them in my own time.

  2. kris,

    i always end up returning them half read..or skimming through..the ones that I really end up reading i try to take notes from..and sometimes those books end up with me for a lonnnng time 😛 but our libraries have 28 days of circulatio and i think we can renew them 4 times..unless of course they’re reserved…so so far, I’ve been really lucky 😛

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