Static Versus Dynamic

I used to be able to keep a fairly regular schedule with three kids all under the age of 4. My days were somewhat predictable. Being someone who thrives on routine, I do realize that my daily life is more productive and less aggravating when I am able to follow a routine.

Now however, with three kids between the age of 8 and 11, and a toddler, life seems to be more hectic for me. For one, I no longer have a regular schedule, no matter how hard I try to keep one. Two, I don’t have a regular schedule!

I have tried to keep one, but Baby Zoa keeps breaking it up. One day he naps around 10 a.m. Another day he decides to forgo it. With summer, a regular schedule is even harder to keep. There are classes that keep cropping up. New things to do. I guess summer is really a bad season to try and keep a regular schedule. It is summer after all!

These last three weekdays have been very trying for me. Regular schedule? They are as good as non existent! Today, I bore the brunt of the accumulated unscheduled days.

The past few weeks, I have been able to do my workout with the DVDs in the mornings, when MIL takes the kids out. However, one week after that, Baby Zoa decided that he wants to nurse and take a nap around 11 a.m., so I had to insist that MIL leave him with me while they go gallivanting till 1:30 p.m. Suffice it to say, trying to workout with a toddler roaming the living room and tugging at your neckline is enough to drive my stress hormones up. Oh, if only that could help burn some fat and tone some muscles!

This past Monday, Ski started an online class that starts at 10 a.m. and lasts till 1:30 p.m. Effect: MIL couldn’t take them out in the morning anymore (well, she could take them out after fajr (7 a.m.) and have them home by 10, but they’re too busy slumbering), so she would take them out after Zuhr (around 2 p.m.). I hate to waste water and strip myself of the motivation to exercise, so I always postpone my morning shower until I have done my workout routines. Not being able to workout in the morning means I am not able to shower until I do, and how I do not like to be in a ‘dirty’ state in summer, so late into the day. Plus, around 2 p.m. Baby Zoa wakes up, which again means, I won’t be able to exercise until I put him down for his nap. Let’s just say it has been very aggravating.

Today, I had to wait until 4 p.m. to workout, after MIL went out with a friend to the stores. I practically walked around and napped in my workout clothes having not taken a morning shower, all because of hoping to workout when MIL goes out. I felt so sluggish today. In fact, I even felt anemic. To top it off, it made me cranky and grumpy. Poor hubby had to put up with me when he himself just came home from work, and also having to deal with his post surgery healing knee. It was a long day.

But I did get to do some Pilates around 4 p.m. while Baby Zoa napped, and boy, did I feel refreshed after I was done and showered! Exercise truly does make a difference!

Ahh…nevertheless, I am still behind in my writing. Today, I only managed to update a blog of mine with a couple of posts, and this one with this post. I also helped edit a friend’s paper. I guess you could call that productive, huh?

My life was more predictable when I kept to myself and minded my own business. I had what I would call a static lifestyle. Now, my life is more dynamic, and being someone who needs a schedule so she won’t go crazy, I have a hard time handling it, though I have to say, life gets to be pretty interesting and enriching when it’s dynamic. As a writer, I guess having a dynamic life is like having a pen that never runs out of ink. So, while I miss my static lifestyle, I guess I’ll embrace my new dynamic lifestyle and learn how to optimize it.


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