I’ll take it!

A common ‘trying to write’ scenario in my house goes like this.

I situate myself on the swivel chair, and it responds with that acknowledging creak that seems to say,

“Ahh…here we go again.”

My hands reach for the mouse while my eyes focus on the screen, making sure I’m where I want to be. Maybe the dynamic feature of the internet is what draws me to it each time, and that is where I tend to wile away my time, unfortunately. If only Microsoft word has the same appeal, I would probably have gotten a lot more writing done. But hey, that’s why I’m good at blogging!

Time seems to zip by when you’re in front of the computer, and before I know it, either Zoa’s awake, needing me to nurse him, or like this morning, he didn’t give me any reprieve, reaching for the mouse and keyboard, and my neckline.

The kids make their usual noise in the background, and somehow, I seem to be magnet they keep being attracted to. When I sit in the living room, typing away at the computer downstairs, they manage to surround me lovingly with accompanying din. I push the chair away with my legs, get up, dash upstairs, to escape them, and lo and behold, they manage to make their appearance by my side a few minutes later! Sure, I have a laptop that hubby had gifted me years ago, but I had given up using it because of overheating. I have yet to try out the new fan hubby had recently bought. I have some hopes yet.

But in the meantime, whenever I decide to use the desktop, either the upstairs or downstairs one, I guess I can rest assured that I will always have company. Ahh…so I guess I can keep dreaming of solitude, which fortunately happened this afternoon, after a long and frustrating morning with Baby Zoa, walhamdulillah. I’ll take them when they come, with gratitude and not too high an expectation. Even a sliver of solitude in this house I will treasure.


4 thoughts on “I’ll take it!

  1. Salaam

    When my dd was born I found the lack of me-time quite difficult to adapt to. I think most mothers do. And yet we will never exchange our time with our children for anything in this world!

  2. waalaikumsalam Solace,

    Thanks for dropping by! oh yes…i think that’s probably a common experience all mothers have 😀
    and true too! we never will, inshaallah!

  3. Not only mothers deal with this condition– we grandmas also find ourselves totally involved with caring for our young ones. The saving grace of being a grandma is that you can reclaim your private time when you need it most.

    Have you tried writing about your kids? I mean, as they crawl all over you and distract you, have you tried writing, “They are crawling all over me and…” Essays like that might make for delightful reading when they are grown.

  4. marahm

    LOL, oh yes…i blog about it…not here..somewhere else…and i blog about it on motherverse too though not as extensively as on my other blog that is specifically about my chldren…they do provide me with a lot of material to write about…but i am still struggling with the time to write them down LOL…

    being a grandmother…hmm…i have yet to decide what kind of grandmother i’m going to be LOL

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