Suddenly, things are speeding up. Here I am, getting ready for MIL’s arrival tomorrow, inshaallah, and in the writing world, I am suddenly working on two separate submissions for two separate anthologies, and responding to one homeschooling interview. I also still plan on submitting to the DUA anthology inshaallah.

I received an invite to submit to the blogging anthology from Melanie, Motherverse founder and editor. It took me quite some time to figure out what it is I’m going to write about, or rather, how I should develop my angle. Melanie generously elaborated and even gave me examples of how my slant would go. I am currently working on it, making a rough outline, and simply brainstorming while also free writing.

And I think, biiznillah, I might actually be getting somewhere.

Today, the kids and I decluttered their room, and I am now sitting in a relatively emptier and cleaner room alhamdulillah! I also managed to work on the blogging anthology query/outline/rough draft while the kids were sorting out stuff to be thrown away and Baby Zoa was napping. Today so far, has been a productive day, ALHAMDULILLAH!

Aaahh..and now, the wails of a one year old hail me..back to mommy duty.


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