Du’a Weapon of the Believers

I found this call for submissions today, from Amel Abdullah’s blog; Seeking Stories of DUA.  While I contemplated on incidents in my own life that would probably qualify as submissions, two came to my mind. Inshaallah, if I can make it, I will submit to this commendable effort.

Du’a is Arabic for supplication to Allah, and it’s an act of worship that is mentioned generously throughout the Quran. It’s such an important act of worship that directing your supplication to anyone other than Allah would throw you out of the fold of Islam.

I have to say that listening to Yasir Qadhi’s lecture Dua Weapon of the Believers, taught me things I didn’t know before about making supplications. I didn’t know that if you make dua for something, even if it’s not granted, some form of evil is averted from you just because you made that supplication.

There are times in my life, like maybe right now, where I don’t actually know what to ask Allah for, thinking that what I do not want right now might be good for me. Do I ask for what I want, or do I ask Allah to give me what is good for me? This dilemma arises because when we make dua, we’re supposed to be firm in asking for something, not flaky about it. This uncertainty of mine feels somewhat flaky to me.

Then hubby told me that the salaf used to make general dua, meaning they would ask for the good of this world and the hereafter, because they don’t actually know if something specific is good for them or not. In a way though, as far as my knowledge about this goes right now, I think I’ll make both duas.

At the very least, some evil is averted from me even if I don’t get what I ask for. Isn’t that just beautiful?


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