Creative Energy

I was reading an article called The Write Attitude by Jennifer Applin in the The Writer Mama Zine, June 2008 issue when it struck me; that’s why I have trouble outputting!

Successful writing requires creative energy, and when you’re burned out, and just writing because you want to keep at the ‘write everyday’ routine, your writing feels forced. I have experienced that many times. And each time, I felt depleted, as opposed to fulfilled.

I notice that when I write with creative energy, I walk away from the computer feeling utter satisfaction and fulfillment, and in a much better mood to deal with the everyday challenges three children and a baby provide. But when I force myself to write, I often find myself rummaging for elusive vocabulary, staring at an annoyingly white screen, and feeling agitation at the fact that in a few minutes I have to go downstairs to cook dinner, feed the baby, and serve the family. I walk away from the computer feeling deprived and incomplete.

I will take heed, and try to write when creative energy abounds.


2 thoughts on “Creative Energy

  1. Hi Kris!! Yeah, well, this blog is pretty new 😛 I have an older one that is homeschooling related, but I don’t publicize it because of my kids, this one I guess is writing-related, well kind of 😛

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