Doggone It!

I stood with my back to the wall, forms in hand, screaming my lungs out. A huge hound dog, a retriever, and two smaller dogs surround me, sniffing and attempting to lick me. The hound was probably as long as I am tall, and on four feet, its head reaches my elbow. I shrank back in fear of being licked.

“They won’t hurt you.”

I knew that. I was just worried they would lick me. It was like a parody of a National Geographics; a woman clad in a black abaya and hijab screaming hysterically because four dogs of various sizes were sniffing her out.

“Here, indigo. Come here!”

I guess they were just overzealous in welcoming newcomers. It just happened that this newcomer is not dog-friendly. While I was shrieking my head off, my husband stood calmly and watched me, simply saying,

“Don’t run.”

I couldn’t help but submit to my flight and fight response, and I moved every time they approached me. Well, maybe approach is a pretty mild word to describe their ‘welcoming’ attempt. I even looked at the van, where the kids were safely in, for some form of help.

They must be laughing at me, I thought, as I wondered what was happening behind those tinted windows.

It took quite a while for the dogs to leave me alone, and after I calmed down, I felt rather foolish, embarassed and sorry.

She must be offended that I was so scared of her dogs.

“I’m sorry. I just am not used to dogs.”

“Oh, I’m sorry too. They’re just obnoxious. They won’t hurt you, they’re very friendly, but they can be obnoxious in the beginning.”

I talked to her about enrolling my ten year old in the horse-riding session for the summer, and interestingly, while we talked, the dogs ignored me, well except for the hound, who sniffed and probably licked my back. By then though, I wasn’t hysterical anymore.

The retriever, with a tennis ball in his mouth, tried to get my husband to play with him.

“He wants to play,” I said to the lady who owns these dogs and the horses.

“Yeah, he’s a retriever, so he always has something in his mouth.”

We left the place in one piece. I had the fright of my life, but at the end, I think those dogs seem quite adorably friendly. For once, I guess I can see why people like them as pets.

However, I think I’ll save myself some embarrassment and stay clear of dogs in the near future.


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