Finding Time To Write

I know…it’s an excuse a lot of wanna-be writers come up with,

“I can’t find the time to write!”

I personally struggle with this, especially after having the baby. To top it off, he’s a baby with allergies and bad eczema, which requires extra care, unlike my older three children. My time management was much much better when the older three were younger, such that I was able to plunge into self taught cake decorating, sewing, and working out for half an hour everyday while they nap.

On the other hand, sometimes I do find myself sending lengthy emails to my friends, and when I’m done, the baby needs nursing, I need to cook, the kids need to be watched, and so forth. So in a way, I guess I do have the time to write, I just don’t manage it well.

I’ve heard the suggestion of waking up really early in the morning while everybody’s deep in slumber and write away, but to be honest, with the baby waking up several times each night, I value my night time sleep. The only time I see feasible for writing nowadays, is when the baby’s napping. But of course there is that din to deal with. I can read with noise, but I can’t write with noise. Every now and again, someone would come to me,

“Ummi, can we…”

“Ummi, do you know…”

And I’m a homeschooling parent. I feel guilty, sorely guilty, when I don’t tend to them. But I also need this time for myself.


“Kids, this is my writing time. Don’t bother me, okay?”

I wish I could pick a specific time of the day so I can tell them,

“I’ll get back to you on that at such and such time.”

However, the baby’s schedule is still pretty erratic, though it has gotten better than before, and I can’t pinpoint a specific writing time. What I do now is grab whatever time I have when it comes up, and that doesn’t really bode well with the kids, when they’re also on the computer doing their Powerpoint projects.

Laptop, you say? Well, I do have a laptop, thanks to dear hubby, who gave it to me as a surprise because I complained about my back hurting sitting at the desktop too long. But, one very irritating problem with it: it heats up and shuts down without warning. On top of that, the shift key has gone crazy and I have trouble typing my capitals.

Okay, that completes my post of rants and complaints over finding the time to write. I just wrote though, so I guess, this is still a ‘work in progress’. When I find a working solution, maybe I can write up a more positive post.


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